Bobbing for information on games coming to XBLA? THQ has announced that Mattel’s popular card game Apples to Apples is coming to XBLA this holiday. According to the release, Apples to Apples is “the perfect icebreaker”, so soon you’ll be able to meet complete strangers using the power of Xbox Live. The release also contains a bushel of scintillating tidbits about the gameplay additions that the digital release of the game will bring.

The game will feature single player, local multiplayer, and online modes for up to six players. There will also be customizable play-modes and something called Golden Apple cards, which can be used to change the rules of the game. You’ll be able to choose between 16 animated avatars such as Pirate Apple, Cowboy Apple and Ballerina Apple, and when you’re done playing you can post your scores and matches to Facebook to earn some additional rewards.

Doesn’t sound like enough content? Don’t worry, THQ has already announced downloadable packs which will include new Golden Apple cards, party backgrounds, new playable apples, and over 1000 new cards. All in all it looks like it should be a solid implementation of Apples to Apples, so if you’re a fan of the card game already you should stay tuned for more information as the release date draws closer.