All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, the popular free-to-play MMO first released on PC in 2011, will soon be making its way to console. Deep Silver will publish the title, which was developed by The Workshop Entertainment and Reloaded Games. APB: Reloaded is set in the near future, where players will choose either to uphold the law as an Enforcer or follow a life of crime as a Criminal. The game supports up to 100 players, 50 from each faction, completing missions throughout the city of San Paro in real-time. The game features deep customization systems for characters and vehicles that will let you stand out from the crowd. Items including gear, vehicles, and customizations can be gained by playing the game or through purchase.

APB: Reloaded will launch on Xbox One in the second quarter of 2015. It will be free-to-play for Xbox Live Gold members.