You might be experiencing a bit of déjà vu as you read this headline. You’re not alone. Microsoft ran a “limited time only” sale this past holiday season in an attempt to boost the sales of the Xbox One. This sale came to an end on January 3. It appears this marketing strategy worked because Microsoft said they experienced record-breaking sales of the Xbox One in November and December. So it comes as no surprise that Microsoft has announced that it will be offering those that didn’t get an Xbox One for the holidays another chance to buy one for the sale price of $349.

This Xbox One promotion is available now and includes both the base 500GB Xbox One without Kinect and the special edition Assassins Creed Unity 500GB bundle. Microsoft did not include an end date for the sale in the press release, but they do claim it will not be a permanent price drop.

If you haven’t already picked up an Xbox One, now is the time to do so as 2015 has a lot of great game releases on the horizon.

Source: Xbox Wire