The downloadable content It Came from Outer Space for A World of Keflings was developed by NinjaBee Games and published by Microsoft Studios. It was released on October 26, 2011 for 320 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.

A World of Keflings released last December as part of the Games for the Holidays promotion, and was an instant success, building off the original A Kingdom for Keflings. The extraterrestrial DLC, It Came from Outer Space is now available to download. Featuring new characters, blueprints, building materials, and dozens of sci-fi references, the DLC looks to further plant the Keflings’ games as some of the best out there on Xbox Live Arcade.

Here’s what we liked:

New story/characters – Aliens have crashed their ship….stop me if you’ve heard this one before. It may sound like a plain alien movie, but that’s the story of the DLC. Some very weird looking people have crashed their ship, and it’s your job to help them fix it and get them back to their planet. New characters also appear in this new DLC. The characters have always been loved in the Keflings universe, and in the new DLC that continues. With names such as Captain Warfbart, Dr. Snippetoff, and Senator Hadookin, it’s hard not to just laugh and appreciate them. All the characters mentioned play a big part in the DLC, their spaceship crashed and you just happen to be there to help them. They assist you, giving you the newest blueprints, so you can help fix their spaceship. The characters throw around some crazy sci-fi references that almost everyone will get a kick out of. The new story fits right into the outrageous world NinjaBee has made with the Keflings, and even though this one might be the craziest, it’s also the best.

New blueprints/buildings/materials – Not only are there new characters, but new blueprints and buildings as well. To help the “aliens” fix their ship and leave, you’ll need to build new buildings like the Rift Rooster, Area 42, Nebula Panda, Gravity Lobster, and some others we won’t spoil. Not only are the names hard to say without cracking a smile, so is looking at them. It’s called the Gravity Lobster and Nebula Panda for a reason. But that’s not all, NinjaBee even threw in some appropriately titled new building materials as well. Plasma Beans, Gloop, Dark Matter, Microchips and more will be what you build the major buildings out of. All of the new buildings and building materials just add more variety to the game, even if the core of the game still remains the same.

Still just as fun to play – Even 10 months after the initial release of A World of Keflings, it’s still one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games out there. Making the Keflings do the labor of the work, and even sometimes kicking them into gear, is still just as entertaining as ever. Throw in the new story, and you have yourself a fantastic game that fans of the Keflings universe will surely enjoy.

Here’s what we didn’t like:

Length – The DLC will lasts between one and two hours, and even though it’s fun to play, we wish it lasted a little longer. That goes in line with how long each world lasted in the main game of A World of Keflings, so it’s not a surprise that it’s on the short side. The fact that the DLC is hilarious to play through, though, just makes us sad it ended so soon.

The labor of love that It Came from Outer Space showcases is astonishing. You can truly tell NinjaBee cares about their fans and the games they create. To suggest this DLC would be understating it. It’s truly worth the 320 MSP, and even if it only last two hours at most, it will be two of the most enjoyable hours you’ll have on your Xbox 360.

Score: Buy It!