We’re rolling out mobile versions of our guides, starting with Awesomenauts. Now you can have all the details needed to master each character and level, complete with video walkthroughs, on your Android or iOS device. Licensed by Ronimo, this is the official Awesomenauts Xbox Live Arcade guide!

Click below to pick it up:

Awesomenauts for iOS, Apple, iPad

Check out Awesomenuats Official Strategy Guide on Android

XBLA Fans’ Advertising & Business Development Manager Ben Fisher has a production line in place to get more guides on the go made for you. And for all you Windows Phone users, we’re working on a version for you too.

“We are pleased to announce the first of many officially licensed mobile guides for XBLAl,” said Fisher. “Our goal was to create a customized version of our already popular Awesomenauts guide in a format that could be accessed easily while playing the game. We’ve updated the information present and will continue to update it with any future changes to the XBLA version of Awesomenauts. We are very pleased that Ronimo was willing to partner with us on this and hope that it will be embraced by the community.”