The crowd will roar. The lights will shine. You will get stabbed by a chick. Uber Entertainment has revealed their latest details on the Assassin character, and SHE kicks ass…

Quoted details about the Assassin from

Deadly, quiet, invisible. The Assassin has become one of the most popular combatants on MNC due to her acrobatic kills and cool cloaking ability.

While unable (or unwilling) to speak (MNC scientists don’t know for sure) the Assassin carries out her duties with dignity and grace, killing quickly and seldom “showboating” like some of her teammates. Though a menacing and mysterious figure she appears at times protective of her teammates, but never at the expense of a win. Though she seems to have a thorough sense of justice make no mistake, she is not a woman to be crossed, even by a teammate. Most of her fellow athletes keep their distance when off the field, save for the occasional awkward approach by the Heavy Weapons Specialist or Tank.

In recent years there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the Assassin. Some scientists in MNC have reported an unusually high number of instances involving insubordination, with some Assassins even taking unauthorized leaves of absence from the team. Some have begun to worry that the Assassin clones are getting more difficult to control. Top management at MNC have downplayed the concerns, reasoning that her popularity with the fans is worth any such inconvenience.

When the Assassin dreams she dreams of a society that throws off its self-imposed shackles, unafraid to live as free men and women without the comfort and safety of a predictable existence. Silent by choice, she keeps mute so that her works will not betray her feelings towards the ruling overclass. Most of all she dreams of living as an Outlander, of raising children with a likeminded male warrior who rather die a free man than be consumerist slave.

Notable DNA:
Mary Lou Retton, Michelle Yeoh, Charlotte Corday

independent thinkers, substance over style, being feared, the roar of the crowd, the rush of the kill

rampant consumerism, cowardice, arrogance, being owned

Primary and Secondary Weapons:

Dagger – This ultra deadly weapon comes packed with a grappling feature to ensure your foe won’t get away. As always, the deadlier attack happens in your preys back. Once you hit level 3, your dagger will upgrade from a flesh-slicing dagger to a steel-karate choppin’ sword… No sweat, it’ll still cut through flesh too.

Shurikens – What’s more deadly than a shuriken?.. wait, don’t give me a list… it kills the excitement.  The Assassin comes equipped with a secondary weapon, the shuriken launcher.  These deadly stars can bounce of walls and around corners.  Surely, this weapon can be thrown at a fast tempo.  This weapon will also be upgradeable to a bigger clip so you can throw more!  How awesome would it be to have a shuriken-only match?

Upgradeable Skills:

Dash – Adds a speed boost.
Cloak – You know… it turns you invisible.
Smoke Bomb – This will temporarily blind your kill.

Survival guide quoted from

Remember these things:

1. Her blades are deadly, keep her distance. If she’s shooting shurikens at you, keep your distance, watch wall bounces and hope for the best.

2. You can’t out run her. So kill her fast!

3. Be observant, watch for the warble and listen for the hum of her cloak. If all else fails, get a Tank and light her up!

4. If she smoke bombs you, look to the skies. Better yet, take her down before she has a chance to smoke bomb you then laugh hysterically.

Most of all remember that chicks with swords are deadly. Chicks with swords who eat bacon are just plain scary.

Monday Night Combat looks so freakin’ awesome!   It releases August 11th for a mere 1200 MS Points. I really can’t wait for this Summer of Arcade title to release. Please comment below, let us know if you will be playing as an assassin.

Is anybody else hungry for some bacon?