You know what every great development team needs? A doctor. Hothead Games has just that, Dr. Mike Hayward, who has his Ph.D. not in medicine, but in artificial intelligence.  Dr. Mike, Producer Joel DeYoung, Lead Designer Pete Low, Designer David Herron walk through elements of the game, showcasing what the Swarmites can do and what the game is all about.  Check out episode 1 here as well as the remaining episodes after the jump.

Episode 1: Get Flocked

Episode 2: Death Becomes Swarm

Episode 3: How to Secure A Swarmite

Episode 4: I’d Swarm That For A Dollar

Stay tuned this week for a MetaPreview of Swarm in which we’ll provide the best of coverage from our neighboring sites in one article.  For more information on Swarm, visit the official site at