RE Rev 2 Raid Mode

At midnight PST today, Capcom has released its first details about Raid mode for the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2. As a popular mode in the first Resident Evil Revelations, information about Raid mode has been kept quiet until now.

With a little less than a month until the game releases, here are the details released by Capcom.

* There will be 15 playable characters in Raid mode. As of now, the known characters available are Claire, Barry, Moira and a character named Gina that you’ll meet in Episode 1. The characters Hunk and Wesker are also available depending on how the game is bought. Hunk and Wesker can also be purchased individually.

* Raid mode will be available only for local co-op on release. Online co-op will be added in after the final episode is released. Capcom states that the development team is currently focusing on making sure “online co-op will function as expected.”

More information is available. Continue to find out.

RER2 Raid Mode screenshot 2

* On Episode 1, 54 Raid mode missions will be available across three difficulty settings. Episode 2 and Episode 3 will each add additional 36 missions while Episode 4 will add another 68 missions. Capcom mentions that in total, there will be over 200 missions of various difficulty and that players of the first Revelations title will know “how intense some of the maps and enemy waves became towards the end.”

Those numbers actually add up to less than 200 so the unaccounted maps may be located in the Raid mode map pack “Throwback”.

* Maps will be taken from Resident Evil Revelations 2 as well as Resident Evil Revelations 1 and Resident Evil 6. Coming from Revelations 1, there will be more weapons, more custom parts for weapons and four times as many character skills. Passive and Active skills may be unlocked in such a way that the same character may act differently from your friend’s character of the same name. The enemies may also have more type of extra special abilities.

RER2 new release date

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 is being released on February 24. Posted above this line is a picture with the release days of the episodic series. Below will be a long trailer featuring the new Raid mode. Those gestures shown in the trailer look to be quite amusing.


Source: Capcom Unity