Xbox One players of Studio Wildcard’s ARK: Survival Evolved are getting something new early next week. The Procoptodon that was added to the PC version of the game in December is about to hop over to the more popular Xbox version, Studio Wildcard has announced.

Procoptodon is essentially a kangaroo-dinosaur…or perhaps it’s more of a dinosaur-kangaroo. Actually, the dino’s official description reads that it is “a gigantic prehistoric kangaroo.” Up to two passengers can ride on a Procoptodon simultaneously, with one on its back and one in its pouch. Players who climb into the pouch won’t be relegated strictly to passive status, as they’ll be empowered to make full use of any weapons they’re carrying while they ride.

As the video above demonstrates, Procoptodon’s leaping abilities well outdo that of actual kangaroos. Yes, it can make little hops for basic traversal, but the creature is also capable of covering enormous distances in single bounds and hurdling large obstacles.

ARK first arrived on Xbox One’s Game Preview Program last month. In our preview we called it “an amazing toybox of crafting, exploring, fighting, terror and (occasionally) bewilderment.”

Source: @survivetheark