Earlier this week Microsoft held an event to show off some of the upcoming japanese developed XBLA releases. Upcoming Sega Saturn port Radiant Silvergun was at the event and Treasure CEO Masato Maegawa shared some details on its development.

It took around half a year just to get the Saturn version of the game running on 360, this was before any graphics work had even begun.

The game will include “Arcade”, “Story”,  “Score Attack” and “Training” modes, which will be bolstered by two-player online co-op, leaderboards and the ability to upload & download replays.

There will be many graphics options, allowing  you to view the game as it originally looked on Saturn or with all it’s HD improvements and even a little in between. These options will be available to change at any time while playing. Even the anime cutscenes in the story mode have been re-encoded into HD.

For those who have played Ikaruga and unlocked at least one achievement there will be a special mode which will have Ikaruga‘s chain combo system.

Treasure expect Radiant Silvergun to be out before the end of Summer and it will be priced at 1200 Microsoft Points.

Sources: 4Gamer & Adriasang

Big thanks to frequent twitter tipster @lifelower for helping out with translation on this article.