Certain Affinity has announced the first downloadable content package for its action-RPG Crimson Alliance, titled the Vengeance Pack. Set to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 12th, the Vengeance Pack will give players new campaign levels, a new challenge map, new enemies and new loot in exchange for 240 Microsoft Points. According to Certain Affinity, the new content was designed to be “fiendishly difficult” and “perfect for co-op”. Enjoy the first screenshot of the Vengeance Pack above and remember to mark your calendars! October 12 is not far away!

If you haven’t yet tried Crimson Alliance for yourself, don’t forget that you can download a limited version of the entire game free of charge on the Xbox Live Marketplace. If you’re still on the fence, check out our review of the game here and remember to stay tuned to XBLAFans for more Crimson Alliance coverage.