Along with a trailer (which you can see below) Atari have released some more details about the upcoming Ghostbusters downloadable sequel, Sanctum of Slime. Up to four players will take on the role of a rookie who has been hired to save New York.

Gameplay will consist of taking on jobs, exploring the various haunted enviroments and of course bustin’ ghosts. If the trailer is anything to go by there will also be sequences involving the Ecto-4, whether this is an on-rails sequence or not is unclear however.

The rookies will have to work together to bring down huge bosses, using an assortment of weaponary including the classic Proton Streams aswell as the Plasma Inductor and the Fermion Shock. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is scheduled to be released in Spring 2011, expect more coverage on XBLAFans between now and then. Check out the debut trailer below.

Source – Eurogamer