It seems like there is a new fighting game being displayed at PAX East, called Skullgirls. From Reverge Labs and Autumn Games, Skullgirls looks pretty shiny. Combining the unique artwork of Alex Ahad (Scott Pilgrim, Lava Punch) with advanced graphical technology, this game looks set to be visually stunning.

Although we have not got official word of Skullgirls coming to XBLA, Reverge Labs has stated on their website they are “committed to creating high-quality downloadable and online games.” This hopefully means we’ll be seeing Skullgirls on XBLA sometime this summer. This game will appeal to old-school arcade fighters, bringing a high definition twist and awesome combos to everyone’s games library. Now because I’m all about providing lovely videos/screenshots for you to all go ‘OOO’ and ‘AAH’ at: please enjoy the following:

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