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XBLA Fans’ most anticipated games of 2014

By  •  February 17, 2014


Last week, you may have caught our five-part feature looking ahead at as many XBLA games and their Xbox One brethren as we could possibly cram into one week’s worth of articles. If you missed it, go ahead and check it out right now. Start here.

All done with that? Great. Now you know what’s coming. What you may not know, however, is which of those games you should be looking forward to the most. Don’t worry — XBLA Fans has you covered. Read on to find out what upcoming XBLA and Xbox One games select members of our team are most looking forward to getting their hands on. Once you’re done, let us know which ones you’re most excited for in the comments section. We’re asking you to read through our many thoughts on the big releases ahead, so we figure the least we can do in return is to read yours as well.



Strider XBLA

Ryan Thompson, Contributor — When Capcom first announced that it was releasing a modern Strider title, my first thought was to listen to a track by game composer Jake Kaufman entitled “Dracula Man X2 Alpha Turbo.” Kaufman was clearly having fun when he created the track, giving one potential answer to what the Castlevania franchise’s music would sound like if Capcom had developed it instead of Konami. With the imminent release of Strider on the 18th of February, Capcom is poised to give something of an official answer to the same question Kaufman must have asked himself — what would Castlevania be like if Capcom released it instead?

First of all, it would have the same level of polish as the best of Capcom’s 2D games, with controls that never fail, leaving players without excuses for failure in the tradition of both the original Strider for NES and the more famous Mega Man games. Second, it appears that, judging by the trailer, there would be more emphasis on combat and slightly less on exploration, though that might be just the frantic flow of activity in a short video speaking. Finally, as Kaufman hints in his tribute, this game would come with a soundtrack worthy of the rest of Capcom’s 2D oeuvre.

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The Xbox games of 2014: Part II

By  •  February 11, 2014


We’re late, and it seems that’s become somewhat of a trend for us lately. Our Game of the Year awards weren’t doled out until January, and now our look forward at the XBLA and Xbox One XBLA-type games of 2014 is just making its way to you in February. You were on your own when it came to planning out January’s releases, but now it’s time for our annual look ahead at the top downloadable games likely to arrive on an Xbox platform during the (remainder of) the year ahead. Read on to find out what you can expect out of Xbox over the next (not quite) 365.

Constant C

Developer: International Games

Set aboard a doomed space station in which the flow of time has stopped, Constant C has you playing as a rescue robot navigating the paused wreckage to save the station and its survivors. Constant C is a 2D-platformer boasting gorgeous soft blues and reds on a jet-black background. As the rescue robot, you will manipulate time and space to overcome the puzzles and challenges you’re pitted against. The time manipulation is based on your touch; whatever you touch returns the object to the flow of time, such as blocks paused in mid-fall. The gravity manipulation consists of tilting the 2D screen in 90-degree rotations. Both abilities will be crucial to traversing the 100+ mind-blowing stages. Met with favorable reviews on PC, Constant C is now on its way to XBLA this spring.

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Telltale announces two new games

By  •  December 9, 2013


During the VGX awards this past weekend, Telltale Games revealed two brand new episodic game series. One announcement confirmed a rumor, while another is a bit of a surprise.

Telltale revealed it is in fact working on a Game of Thrones series in partnership with HBO. The game will take its inspiration from the television series, which is based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Players will be thrown into the action and politics of Westeros, having the power to make choices that will impact the narrative.

Telltale also announced that it will be collaborating with Gearbox Software to make Tales from Borderlands, a spin-off series set in the universe of the popular Borderlands franchise. Despite being part of a series known for shooting and looting, Telltale’s signature storytelling will be front and center. Taking place on Pandora, the game will feature a cast of familiar faces as well as brand new characters.

Both games will be coming in 2014. With these games, plus The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, it’s obvious next year is going to be big for both Telltale and its fans. You can watch the teaser trailers for both games after the jump.

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Wulverblade Review: Ryse and Shine

By  •  March 22, 2018

At its height, the Roman Empire was one of the most powerful civilizations the world had known up to that time. The Roman influence spread across Europe, frequently at the …
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Xbox 360 & Xbox One HUGE Spring Sale!

By  •  April 11, 2017

Microsoft is doing their spring sale this week – and it’s a big one! There are tons of great Xbox 360 and Xbox One ID@Xbox and indie games on sale. …
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Friday new releases: September 23, 2016

By  •  September 23, 2016

Two new Friday releases, plus a sneaky Thursday launch, round up this week on Xbox One. First-person thriller Virginia released on Thursday for $9.99. Experience a missing person investigation through …
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The Banner Saga review: A beautifully woven quest

By  •  January 12, 2016

Two years ago Stoic released The Banner Saga on PC too much critical acclaim. Now, The Banner Saga seeks to bring its initial success to consoles. The game takes place …
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XBLA Fans Streaming Schedule for 3/16 to 3/22

By  •  March 16, 2015


The XBLA Fans Twitch Stream Team has grown drastically in recent months thanks to the support of our viewers. I’d love to personally encourage each of our readers to check out at least one broadcast this week. We will be updating the site on a weekly basis with a plethora of streams for you to enjoy.

In addition to our scheduled streams below we also sometimes do impromptu streams. The best way to stay informed of those is to follow XBLA Fans on Twitter and follow us on Twitch.

If there is a game you want to see streamed, please contact us.

This week we are doing a special Subscribers Only Giveaway. On 3/22 we will do a random giveaway for our subscribers entering anyone who has subscribed automatically. The winner will get their choice of prize from our vault of giveaway codes. Please consider subscribing to support the stream.  We are close to unlocking two more awesome emotes.

All times are listed in EST.

Monday 3/16

  • 11a – 2p SMITE with Zero Jehuty
  • 2p – 5p Thomas Was Alone with Cuckoolander
  • 7p – 10p Ziggurat with K4rn4ge
  • 11p – 12a Ori and the Blind Forest with The Snapple Cap

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Minecraft: Story Mode announced

By  •  December 23, 2014

Telltale Games and Mojang has announced Minecraft: Story Mode, coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One next year. It will be an choice-driven episodic game, just like Telltale’s current …
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XBLA Fans reviews policy update

By  •  December 8, 2014

While Microsoft’s stance on games may be that “a game is a game“, there is a huge breadth of experiences on the Xbox One. The console boasts some fantastic …
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