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FortressCraft breaks sales record

By  •  August 12, 2011

FortressCraft has become the first XBLIG to make over $1 million in sales. Launched back in April this year, the game bears an uncanny resemblance to PC hit Minecraft. Given the imminent release of an Xbox Live Arcade version of the real Minecraft later this year we can only speculate how long the success will continue. However with over 350,000 copies sold, developer ProjectorGames promises not to become complacent:

“Just because we’ve hit this milestone does not mean we’re going to kick up our heels and be content. A massive update is on its way – further adding to the depth of the world of FortressCraft, including customizable blocks and server rankings amongst other things.”

The game received only a lukewarm reception from us when we reviewed it, but you can check it out for yourself on Xbox Marketplace for only 240 Microsoft Points. You can read the full press release by clicking the link below. Read More

XBLAFancast Episode 18 – Shuggy’s Magic Trench

By  •  June 21, 2011

A three man show this week and we’ve got a whole lot to talk about. John is joined by Andrew and myself again and as usual we start off discussing the past weeks most interesting news stories. (links below)

We finally got a couple of XBLA releases last week in the form of The Adventures of Shuggy and Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. Andrew and John played each of these respectively and enjoyed them quite a alot. I reviewed Trenched, which is out this week so I talk about that for a while.

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Fortresscraft review (XBLIG)

By  •  April 27, 2011

Fortresscraft was developed by ProjectorGames and released on April 8, 2011 and costs 240 Microsoft Points.  A copy was provided by the developer for review purposes.

Minecraft is a game very familiar to PC gamers: a blocky, pixelated adventure that has spawned generous and creative user-created content that is as much as an homage to the title as it is to the gaming industry.  Console gamers have yet to experience the labor of love that is Minecraft — that is, until now.

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FortressCraft is a success

By  •  April 18, 2011

FortressCraft, an indie game developed by Projector Games and bearing an incredible likeness to Minecraft,  has been selling very well. In its first six days online, it sold 58,572 copies and …
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