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Castlevania:HoD boss-rushes into first place

By  •  August 14, 2010

While the game definitely divides gamers out there into two groups, one that love it, and the other that despise it, it seems like the former has …
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Weekly deals: Xbox One sales and Deals with Gold

By  •  December 11, 2017

Thanks for joining us again for the weekly round up of the Deals with Gold. Please remember that all prices listed below require an Xbox Live Gold membership. Buying a …
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N++ review: increment by one

By  •  October 23, 2017

Anyone else remember N+? It takes a weird spot in XBLA history, having come out before the heavy hitters like Braid and Castle Crashers really put the digital marketplace in …
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Friday new releases: September 22, 2017

By  •  September 22, 2017

Another busy Friday here on Xbox One. Today we have six new indie releases to set your wallet on fire. First we have The Coma: Recut a cult Korean horror …
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The 20 Best Backward Compatible XBLA Games

By  •  May 20, 2017

A few weeks ago, some of the XBLA Era staff of XBLA Fans took to Skype to debate the merits of the Backwards Compatible XBLA Games. We wanted a pound …
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Zombie Vikings review: Showing signs of life

By  •  May 7, 2017

Since the first video game I played in the ’80s, one thing has always come naturally – beating people up to win. Nothing super complicated, keep moving to the right …
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Sunday Roundup: February 05, 2017

By  •  February 5, 2017

What a week it has been, tons of reviews, all sorts of new release dates, upcoming games and updates announced. I’m not even going to waste any of your time, …
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Pit People Preview: Bear Essentials

By  •  January 11, 2017

When it comes to describing Pit People, I’m really struggling. The individual gameplay elements stack up logically, and clearly draw inspiration from the best in class, so that bit is …
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Xbox One Countdown to 2017 Digital Sale Guide

By  •  December 28, 2016

Microsoft announced the Xbox One Digital Games Deals that will be available this week during their Countdown to 2017 Sale.

Digital Games on Xbox One:

Sunday Roundup: robots, spaceships and money

By  •  December 18, 2016

It’s the end of the week and you know what that means, time to relax and catch up on what we missed this week. One of the biggest stories of …
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