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Upcoming XBLA Game: Outland

By  •  September 5, 2010

Housemarque and Ubisoft’s upcoming title: Outland
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Limbo Hands-on Preview

By  •  July 9, 2010

Nothing in Limbo is clear. Who you are, what you’re supposed to be doing, and even the color of the player character’s hair remains shrouded in mystery. …
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Xbox Live et al. brightens Microsoft’s financial future

By  •  April 24, 2010

Microsoft has a lot more than just Windows 7 going for them these days. Believe it or not, it’s Entertainment that appears to be a huge factor for Microsoft, …
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Rumor points to Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2

By  •  April 18, 2010

Rumors are circulating around the internet as to what secret games were shown at Capcom’s Captivate 10 event in Hawaii. However, Planet Xbox 360 has reported that …
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Blacklight: Tango Down – meet “The Order”

By  •  April 13, 2010


Blacklight: Tango Down is a first-person shooter created for hardcore shooter fans by Ignition Entertainment and Zombie Studios, and it’s coming this summer to …
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