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Indie Games Winter Uprising hub

By  •  December 13, 2010

You may, or rather should have heard of the Indie Games Winter Uprising by now. But if you haven’t here’s what you need to know. The developers behind the Indie Games on Xbox Live Marketplace decided they wanted an event in the vein of a “Summer of Arcade” and other such promotions. Resigned to the fact Microsoft wasn’t going to make one for them they took it upon themselves to do so. Thus the Winter Uprising was born, originally intended to take place during the first week of December it has now been extended to include the entire month.

We here at XBLAFans are passionate in our feeling that the Indie Games section deserves more recognition than it currently receives. As such we have created this hub for the games that will be included in the Uprising. Here you’ll find a brief description of the games, a link to the developers website, screenshots, trailers, pricing (if available), and for those games already released there will be download links and reviews.

The games are being released pretty irregularly, with several having already been delayed due to last minute bugs so be sure to check back often and see what’s new! Read More

Pinball FX 2 gets Marvel Heroes makeover… from Blade?!

By  •  December 8, 2010

Marvel gets their first shot at a pinball videogame franchise, and ZEN Studios gets their first shot at licensed content for Pinball FX 2. What could go wrong? Well, not much, seeing as how they’ve got: Spiderman, Iron Man, Wolverine and everyone’s favorite day-walker… BLADE! That’s right, Blade. Sounding like some crazy comic book team up, this pack looks quite great.  More details after the jump!

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Inferno Review (XBLIG)

By  •  November 6, 2010

Inferno was the second release title for Radian Games.  It was released September 1st, 2010 for the price of 80 Microsoft Points ($1 US).   So how does this game stand up to other XBLA titles, and XBLIG titles?

Well you are going to have to click read more! Read More

Haunted House Review (XBLA)

By  •  November 6, 2010

Are you afraid of the dark? If you are, grab a candle or light up your cell phone and let’s peak through our eyes at this retro re-made for XBLA. The original on the Atari 2600 consisted of a pair of eyes that traveled through a labyrinth inhabited by “haunted” creatures such as bats, spiders, and ghosts. The object was to find pieces of a mystical urn and bring it to a location in the game. The new version takes that basic concept and adds more gameplay elements to it. While it is more entertaining than the original, it’s still a basic game of unlocking doors.

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G. Rev skip shops, go digital-only with new title.

By  •  October 29, 2010

G. Rev, developers of SHMUP title Senko no Ronde have decided for their next title to skip stores all together, and go XBLA only. Will this become a common trait? No one can say for sure, but we can say that this title looks very interesting! Full details after the jump!

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EA unveils Microbot: What you can’t see, can save you

By  •  October 18, 2010

Today EA revealed their new title, Microbot, the unique arcade-shooter that takes place in a new locale: the human body.Read on for the full scoop!

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Scott Pilgrim DLC This November; New Character, Modes, and a Patch

By  •  September 30, 2010

If Scott Pilgrim won over your heart this past summer, it’s inevitable that the replayability and lust for this XBLA title may have fizzled out a bit. Fortunately, Cupid …
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Upcoming XBLA Game: Outland

By  •  September 5, 2010

Housemarque and Ubisoft’s upcoming title: Outland
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Limbo Hands-on Preview

By  •  July 9, 2010

Nothing in Limbo is clear. Who you are, what you’re supposed to be doing, and even the color of the player character’s hair remains shrouded in mystery. …
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Xbox Live et al. brightens Microsoft’s financial future

By  •  April 24, 2010

Microsoft has a lot more than just Windows 7 going for them these days. Believe it or not, it’s Entertainment that appears to be a huge factor for Microsoft, …
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