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December Games with Gold revealed

By  •  November 25, 2015

With the holidays rapidly approaching, Microsoft has revealed the gifts they will be giving Xbox Live Gold members through Games with Gold. Next month Xbox One players will receive The Incredible Adventures of …
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Xbox One’s list of 100+ backwards compatible 360 games includes a lot of XBLA games

By  •  November 9, 2015

Microsoft has officially revealed the first 104 Xbox 360 games that you will be able to play on your Xbox One. As luck would have it, more than half of them are from Xbox Live Arcade, which of course we are big fans of. Read More

XBLA Fans Streaming Schedule: 5/4 – 5/10

By  •  May 4, 2015

In addition to our scheduled streams below we also sometimes do impromptu streams. The best way to stay informed of those is to follow XBLA Fans on Twitter and …
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Pinball FX2 new tables coming and Xbox 360 update available now

By  •  February 19, 2015


Coming to Pinball FX2 on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One next week is the Iron & Steel Pack. This pack will include two new tables: CastleStorm, based on another popular Zen Studios game, and Wild West Rampage, a completely original table with a (obviously) western theme. Also, in preparation for the release on Xbox 360, Zen Studios has released a massive title update that just might convince current Xbox One players to dust off their 360s for a revisit to a classic game.

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ID@Xbox Games Announced at GDC

By  •  March 18, 2014

GDC 2014

Today at GDC 2014, Microsoft announced 25 games to be released as part of the ID@Xbox program. Major Nelson provides some further details in a blog post.

Xbox Wire released a brief rundown of the games that has been re-posted below:

  • “1001 Spikes” by Nicalis – This hardcore side-scroller features precise controls and a degree of difficulty that means starting with 1001 lives is not at all a guarantee you can make it through the game! Every level is custom designed to be beaten… barely. The game also includes co-op and cutthroat multiplayer modes.
  • “Calibre 10 Racing Series” by Bongfish GmbH – “Calibre 10 Racing Series” is a spiritual successor to “Harms Way.” The game is entirely multiplayer in a new experience that combines action-packed racing with fast-paced first person shooting.
  • “CastleStorm” by Zen Studios – It’s Knights vs. Vikings in “CastleStorm,” a super genre mash-up of 2D physics destruction mashed with tower defense brawler! “CastleStorm” features a story-driven solo campaign, a custom castle editor, online multiplayer, co-op modes, and more.
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Zen Studios titles migrating to Xbox One

By  •  March 18, 2014

Zen Studios, most well known to XBLA gamers for Pinball FX2, is migrating a number of its titles to the Xbox One, including the well-known pinball franchise. In addition …
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XBLA Sales Analysis: June 2013

By  •  July 11, 2013

Gamasutra has published its sales analysis for the month of June. Last month’s biggest seller by far was the zombie hit State of Decay, selling extremely well despite its …
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XBLA occupies Metacritic’s list of best-reviewed Xbox 360 titles

By  •  July 2, 2013

Metacritic has released its quarterly report on the best-reviewed Xbox 360 games of the year. The list runs from the beginning of 2013, through July 1st, and ranks each …
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XBLA Fans’ most anticipated 2013 XBLA games: Part I

By  •  January 14, 2013

XBLA Games 2013  Day 1

Here we are once again at the start of what’s sure to be another fantastic year of XBLA releases. Each day this week XBLA Fans will be rolling out a list of eight of our most anticipated Xbox Live Arcade releases of 2013. While we can’t possibly cover every single XBLA game planned for this year, we’ll be giving you a varied list of 40 of the most promising titles we expect to release on XBLA in 2013. Once it’s all done, be sure to check back in next Monday when each staff member makes his/her picks for the game he/she is most looking forward to.


Alien Fear

Developer: City Interactive

Alien Fear XBLA

Alien Fear is an Unreal Engine 3-powered sci-fi first person shooter headed to XBLA, presumably at some point in 2013. Though we’re assuming that the above image is a target screen rather than an actual in-game image, developer City Interactive is promising that the use of Epic Games’ ubiquitous engine is allowing them to create an Xbox Live Arcade title that boasts “visually stunning, large-scale environments with impressive long-range vistas and expressionistic lighting.” The co-op shooter has yet to be shown in action, but XBLAFans is looking forward to finding out if the game lives up to the promise shown in the above image whenever we get our first real look at it.

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XBLA Fans Monthly Calendar Update – November 2012

By  •  November 3, 2012

XBLA Fans’ Calendar Update helps you keep track of all those XBLA release dates that often seem to spring upon you at the last minute and remind you of those promised games you were looking forward to that just seem to disappear without explanation. In this edition we’re taking a look at a particularly sparse November along with some hopefuls for December so you can start organizing your MSP and schedule in some serious controller time or sick days well in advance.

The XBLA release schedule seems to have gone a bit quiet for the last two months of the year. So far we only have 3 confirmed November game launches. In the first week of the month gamers can get their hands on the next release in the SEGA Vintage Collection, Toe Jam & Earl for 800 MSP on November 7. In keeping with the retro feel for this week, the remake of 1984’s Karateka will also release November 7 for 800 MSP. The only other confirmed release this month is for Warlords on November 14, also priced at 800 MSP. However Skulls of the Shogun developers 17-Bit, have stated they would like a November launch despite having previously announced it would release with Windows 8, and developers Chasing Carrots have also indicated they would like to release their top-down racer Pressure this month too.

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