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Rewind Review: Castle Crashers (XBLA)

By  •  March 30, 2011

Castle Crashers was developed by The Behemoth and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released on August 27th 2008 for 1200MS points.

The Behemoth have quickly become a developer to watch. After starting life with the flash game Alien Hominid on Newgrounds they expanded the game to consoles and eventually to XBLA with Alien Hominid HD. The game had a unique and striking art style created by artist Dan Paladin, and breathed new life into the almost forgotten side-scrolling shooter (complete with punishing difficulty).

After Alien Hominid The Behemoth moved onto a completely new game in Castle Crashers. This time they decided to have a go at another classic genre, the side-scrolling brawler. Dan Paladin’s unique art style remains, but Castle Crashers is a much bigger and more ambitious game than Alien Hominid. The Behemoth took the basic 2D brawler gameplay and added a few things on top, with an RPG-like (or lite?) leveling system and a little more depth to the brawling itself.

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Castle Crashers Animal Orb Guide

By  •  March 30, 2011

This is a guide geared towards helping you locate all the Animal Orbs in Castle Crashers. Before you collect every Animal Orb, you will likely need to look at our Items Guide in order to fully understand what is required to collect each Animal Orb. And when you are finished collecting the Animal Orbs, take a look at our Character Guide if you wish to unlock all the characters as well. Read More

Castle Crashers Items Guide

By  •  March 30, 2011

This guide is geared towards helping gamers find the items that will allow them to find other secrets and make their way through Castle Crashers. Some of these items are needed to progress through the campaign and others are not. But they are all fairly easy to find and obtain, so you might as well try to collect them all. Read More

Castle Crashers Character Guide

By  •  March 30, 2011

This guide is geared towards helping players unlock all 28 playable characters in Castle Crashers. Unlocking these characters takes quite a bit of time, don’t think this will happen overnight. But if you are not phased by the dedication needed for unlocking these characters, then feel free to check out our Animal Orbs Guide for an extra challenge. Read More

Confessions of an XBLA addict: I never played Castle Crashers

By  •  March 30, 2011

With the shear breadth of gaming, it’s hard to play every title that comes out in a year, especially with a limited budget. Historically though, there are …
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The Behemoth Announces Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions

By  •  January 7, 2011

Recently, the Castle Crasher‘s leaderboards hit the 2,000,000 gamers mark, and to celebrate The Behemoth is holding a Tournament of Champions! Sounds knightly doesn’t it? But of course, ruthless competition is worth nothing without prizes- shiny prizes, especially if they have functional uses as well, right? If you agree, you’ll be glad to know the reward for first place in the tournament is a gold plated Xbox! It works too and boy is it shiny. Read More

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers review: Hot garbage

By  •  November 22, 2016

The Cartoon Network has some fantastic intellectual property. I wish I were writing about how Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers brings them all together in a fun and original way, but …
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Deal of the Week: Cowboys, Crashers, Batman and Blood Dragons

By  •  September 10, 2013

This week’s deal offers up some of the very best Xbox Live Arcade has to offer, dropping names and prices on a couple of the year’s bigger titles and …
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Pretty in Pink, new Castle Crasher on the way

By  •  February 4, 2011

Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth is about to release some new DLC in the form of a new character for PSN.  Fret not XBLA fans for the …
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2,000,000 gamers have crashed castles, according to leaderboards

By  •  December 30, 2010

Interesting fact: According to Behemoth’s leaderboards, 2 million players have enjoyed Castle Crashers. This doesn’t solidify it, but definitely helps show that Castle Crashers is one of the best, if not the best XBLA game out there. Will this audience carry over to Battleblock Theatre? Let’s hope (if Battleblock is any good!).
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