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XBLA Fans Monthly Calendar Update: October 2012

By  •  October 2, 2012

XBLA Fans’ new Calendar Update helps you keep track of all those XBLA release dates that often seem to spring upon you at the last minute and remind you of those promised games you were looking forward to that just seem to disappear without explanation. In this edition we’re taking a look at October and some rumors for November so you can start organizing your MSP and schedule in some serious controller time or sick days well in advance.

There’s quite a few confirmed XBLA releases for October already. First up is Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit on October 3 for 1200 MSP. If that sounds familiar it’s because North America got this one last month so we’d expect another Wednesday release to be announced otherwise it’ll be a quiet week for many. However there are two Friday releases this first week as Sega release their XBLA ports of NIGHTS into dreams and Sonic Adventure 2 both for 800 MSP on October 5. The following week looks a bit busier with two Wednesday releases so far as Worms Revolution hits XBLA on October 10 along with Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise for 1200 MSP. Zombie Drive HD finally makes it onto XBLA on October 17 for 800 MSP and we also have another Friday release this week as Alien Spidy is released October 19 also for 800 MSP. Towards the end of the month Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is released on October 24 at 1200 MSP and Blood Knights gets the coveted Halloween release date priced at 1200 MSP. Major Nelson just confirmed this morning that Pool Nation will drop October 12. Read More

XBLA Fans Monthly Calendar Update: September 2012

By  •  September 7, 2012


It’s hard to keep track of all those XBLA release dates, they often seem to spring upon you, seemingly out of nowhere, at the last minute not to mention those promised games you were looking forward to that just seem to disappear into the ether without explanation. Now with XBLA Fans new monthly update keeping track, you can start organising your MSP more effectively and schedule in some serious controller time and sick days well in advance.

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XBLAFancast Episode 76 – Take two

By  •  August 28, 2012

Bit of a slapshot show this week, so much so that rather than put outtakes at the end I just went ahead and left them in the main show. You’re welcome!

Todd provides most of the game talk this week, Perry brings the news cause that’s what he does then we ramble our way toward the end. Fun!

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Big thanks to Chris Green for the awesome theme music, be sure to check out his site BlurredEdge and why not follow him on twitter too @BlurredEdge.


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Sunday Roundup: September 2, 2018

By  •  September 2, 2018

It’s Sunday everyone, and you know what that means, it’s roundup time. In this weekly article, we put together everything worth mentioning that we didn’t get posted. We also link …
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Sunday Roundup: July 1, 2018

By  •  July 1, 2018

It’s Sunday everyone, and you know what that means, it’s roundup time. In this weekly article, we put together everything worth mentioning that we didn’t get posted. We also link …
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Backwards Compatibility Expanding to OG Xbox Games: Time to Break Out 13 Classics

By  •  October 23, 2017

First announced at E3 this year, and with not much else said since then, OG Xbox backwards compatibility is finally going to come to Xbox One this week, as first …
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Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is now live

By  •  June 30, 2017

Thanks for joining us again for the weekly round-up of the Deals with Gold. Please remember that all prices listed below require an Xbox Live Gold membership. Buying a game …
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XBLA Fans Streaming Schedule: 5/19 – 5/24

By  •  May 19, 2015


In addition to our scheduled streams below we also sometimes do impromptu streams. The best way to stay informed of those is to follow XBLA Fans on Twitter and follow us on Twitch.

If there is a game you want to see streamed, please contact us.

All times are listed in EST.

Tuesday 5/19

  • 7p – 9p K4rn4ge – Mega Coin Squad (Early look!)
  • 9p – 1a Cain141 – Smite

Wednesday 5/20

  • 12p – 3p Zero Jehuty – Lifeless Planet or Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
  • 4p – 7p K4rn4ge – Day of Knights (Rogue Legacy and Shovel Knight)
  • 7p – 10p Cain141 – Mega Coin Squad (New game!)
  • 10p – 1a PamdemoniumXOXO – Game TBA

Thursday 5/21

  • 7a – 9a RazorPriest – Neverwinter and/or Happy Wars
  • 5p – 7p K4rn4ge – Throwback Thursday (XBLA Xbox 360 games)
  • 7p – 11p Cain141 – New release or extended XBLA Throwback Thursday Block
  • 11p – 1a The Snapple Cap – Game TBA

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare review (Xbox 360)

By  •  December 11, 2014

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was developed by Torn Banner Studios and published by Activision for Xbox 360. It was released December 3, 2014 for $14.99. A copy was provided for review purposes.

Medieval 1

Within the first five minutes of booting up Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, I was absolutely certain that I would hate it. After a year packed full of dazzling next-generation titles delivered via the might of Xbox One, I was ill-prepared for Chivalry‘s low-res textures and clunky combat; in fact, the whole thing repulsed me. Regardless, I ploughed grimly forward like one of the stoic feudal knights to whom Chivalry pays homage, chopping, hacking and bludgeoning my way through one foe after another – and as the body count mounted, so did my respect for this brutal, bloody title.

Battles take place between the rival forces of the Mason Order (bad/red) and the Agatha Knights (good/blue) as they vie for control of their fictional kingdom. Whilst it is possible to play against up to seven AI bots, the real fun can be found in multiplayer battles featuring 12 human combatants. Each player chooses a class from the four available, including an archer and three melee fighters ranging from light through to heavy in terms of their weaponry and armour. More on that later, though; let’s cut right to the bone and find out if Chivalry is worth your hard-earned cash.

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ID@Xbox Games Announced at GDC

By  •  March 18, 2014

GDC 2014

Today at GDC 2014, Microsoft announced 25 games to be released as part of the ID@Xbox program. Major Nelson provides some further details in a blog post.

Xbox Wire released a brief rundown of the games that has been re-posted below:

  • “1001 Spikes” by Nicalis – This hardcore side-scroller features precise controls and a degree of difficulty that means starting with 1001 lives is not at all a guarantee you can make it through the game! Every level is custom designed to be beaten… barely. The game also includes co-op and cutthroat multiplayer modes.
  • “Calibre 10 Racing Series” by Bongfish GmbH – “Calibre 10 Racing Series” is a spiritual successor to “Harms Way.” The game is entirely multiplayer in a new experience that combines action-packed racing with fast-paced first person shooting.
  • “CastleStorm” by Zen Studios – It’s Knights vs. Vikings in “CastleStorm,” a super genre mash-up of 2D physics destruction mashed with tower defense brawler! “CastleStorm” features a story-driven solo campaign, a custom castle editor, online multiplayer, co-op modes, and more.
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