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New Dungeon Defenders DLC headed to Xbox Live on December 21

By  •  December 16, 2011

Trendy Entertainment has announced a new batch of downloadable content for their smash hit Dungeon Defenders that will be coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace on December 21st. For …
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Dungeon Defenders Insane Challenge Guide Hub

By  •  November 18, 2011


Welcome to the XBLAFans Dungeon Defenders Insane Challenge Guide. We would like to thank RhinoStarr, ThC x LeThaL and the multitude of people who filled the fourth spot for …
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Dungeon Defenders celebrates 250K sales with community events

By  •  November 8, 2011

Congratulations are in order as Trendy Entertainment, D3Publisher and Reverb Publishing have announced that Dungeon Defenders is a runaway success with over 250,000 sales total on all three platforms including XBLA, 200,000 of which were from PC sales alone. To celebrate, Trendy Entertainment have revealed one of its many plans to continue to support the game across all platforms, with free, weekly community events for PS3 and Xbox 360 players. Starting now till the end of the year, these events will allow gamers to play special game modes with the devs and have a chance to win unique loot found nowhere else. The event schedule and instructions on how to join is posted on four wallpapers one for each character class which you can either download for yourself here or view in the gallery after the jump. Read More

Dungeon Defenders Community Event

By  •  October 21, 2011

Dungeon Defenders devs Trendy Entertainment have just announced they’re doing a community event for the next two hours. Here are the details:

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Dungeon Defenders super guide

By  •  October 21, 2011

Dungeon Defenders, after a whole year of being postponed, is finally out and flaunting its massive amount of content all over the place! Admittedly, it’s quite a …
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Dungeon Defenders delights with new launch trailer

By  •  October 20, 2011

To celebrate the launch of Dungeon Defenders on XBLA, Trendy Entertainment have released this brand new trailer for your enjoyment. Released for XBLA yesterday, Dungeon Defenders is a 4-player …
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Dungeon Defenders review (XBLA)

By  •  October 18, 2011

Dungeon Defenders was developed by Trendy Entertainment and published by Reverb Publishing. It was released on October 19, 2011 for 1200 MSP. A copy of the game was provided for review purposes.

Loot, levels, and fantasy creatures–the essence of most RPGs. Add hack and slash, also quite the staple, and spells, then four different classes, then add an array of towers to summon, four player coop, challenge levels, survival and tower-only modes, a player versus player mode, and plenty of customization. In a nutshell, or perhaps an empty watermelon? No, maybe a carved out star. Yeah. That’s Dungeon Defenders. This action RPG tower defense has an abundance of content, variety, and polish; what do you know, the three spices of life!

Dungeon Defenders takes a semi-new approach to the tower defense genre, employing traditional elements like loot, leveling up, classes and towers while also changing the mentality up, advocating use of blockades at choke points and giving each class a different set of towers to summon as well as abilities. Of the four classes are the Apprentice, magic user employing high damage dealing elemental towers; the Squire, who takes the hordes with a sword while being backed by meaty blockades; the Huntress, with ranged weapon in hand and powerful multi-use traps; and lastly the Monk, support class extraordinaire, able to use both ranged and melee attacks and summon auras which apply affects or damage over a wide area. Levels are long and allow for up to four players with drop in and out coop local or online. Each level also has a challenge mission which presents distinct gameplay variations that force players to change their tactics, foregoing entire elements of the game or sometimes making them more important. The loot system is robust, allowing for set bonuses, rewarding players for playing on higher difficulty levels and with more people in their party. Mana gained during levels can be used to upgrade weapons, armor and pets.

There’s just so much in this game, it’s mind boggling.

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Final Dungeon Defenders dev diary focuses on plethora of game modes

By  •  October 17, 2011

The folks Trendy Entertainment have released the final developer’s diary for their upcoming tower defense action-RPG, Dungeon Defenders. The video (which can be viewed above) focuses on the large …
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Dungeon Defenders: More RPG than an RPG

By  •  October 13, 2011

Dungeon Defenders might be a Tower Defence game at heart but Trendy Entertainment also claim it is to be one of the most in-depth RPGs ever released on XBLA. …
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Third Dungeon Defenders dev diary showcases combat phase

By  •  October 4, 2011

Trendy Entertainment has released the third developer diary for its upcoming tower defense action-RPG Dungeon Defenders. The new video (which can be viewed above) focuses on the various approaches …
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