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Pixel Piracy review: Thar she blows

By  •  March 1, 2016

Pixel Piracy is an open-world retro pirate sim. That phrase alone will make Pixel Piracy an instant buy for many. It’s the type of game we dream of: adventuring, plundering, …
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Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2: Assembly Required review: Good griefing

By  •  October 30, 2015

The coolest part of Assembly Required is how it starts: this episode doesn’t have one opening, it has two. The final decision you made last episode, choosing which member of …
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Below preview: Delving deeper

By  •  September 8, 2015

Nearly a year and a half has passed since the last time XBLA Fans got its hands on what Capy President Nathan Vella describes as his studio’s biggest game yet. …
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Smite preview part 1: Curious beginnings

By  •  May 18, 2015

Smite for Xbox One Ares

Welcome to part one of a multi-part series in which I plan to document my time with Smite to show how I grow as a player in the beta, which should help show new players what to expect. I went into Smite with hundreds of hours of League of Legends logged and even more time spent watching professional matches, plusan occasional dabble in Dota 2. One might think that my modest amount of time spent in the genre might translate over into Smite, but I can say without a doubt, it didn’t give me a leg up over the competition, as evidenced by how poorly my first handful of games went.

Day 1

SMITE for Xbox One

The game starts with a simple enough tutorial, but, like most MOBAs, it barely even scratches the surface before it sends players on their merry way. The only mode available to players when they first start is called Arena, and that’s where I spent the entirety of my first day.

Arena is shaped like the Colosseum, with jungle camps along the side that provide buffs to players. It’s an excellent place to start, because it avoids the deeper intricacies of a standard match and allows players to focus on finding a god or immortal that fits their play style and novoices to feel good about themselves. Everything seemed to be working well when I first got into a match: the store was easy to navigate; I could decipher what was going on with little problems; and I felt adequately prepared to get started.

Of course I was dead wrong, I finished my first game with a 1/11/11 (kills/deaths/assists) score line as Ares and felt lost. It felt as though I was missing everything, and even though I had these great combos in my head I just couldn’t seem to pull them off. All my skillshots always “just” missed, and I couldn’t seem to land a single auto attack, regardless of if it was melee or ranged. After two more games where I did as bad if not worse than the first, I decided it was time to turn to everyone’s greatest resource: the internet.

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XBLA Marketplace sees multiple game delistings before year end

By  •  December 31, 2014

XBLA Fans Newsbits

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Unfortunately, it also comes that time when games may disappear from the marketplace for any number of reasons and is usually assumed as licenses expiring.

On December 30, 2014, Eastern Standard Time, the following games were removed from the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace:

1. WRC Powerslide. Original release date: March 8, 2013.
This game wasn’t out for very long and never saw a XBLA sale. It was also a member of the games in that event in September of 2013 involving foreign countries.

2. Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. Original release date: September 26, 2012.
This game was announced for removal at the end of the year by Capcom ahead of time. While it is sad to see it go, at least it wasn’t a surprise.

3. Battle: Los Angeles. Original release date: March 11, 2011.
This game was a movie tie-in released around the same time the movie was released with very little fanfare. It has been around for some time and has gone away as quietly as its arrival.

There are more delisted games from December 30, 2014 below. Continue to find out.

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Newsbits: Early Xbox Live Arcade delisting warning and other marketplace news

By  •  December 10, 2014

XBLA Fans Newsbits

  • After Burner Climax will be delisted from the Xbox Live Marketplace on December 24, 2014. A producer of After Burner Climax, Noriyuki Shimoda, confirms via Twitter the removal of the game from distribution. The PlayStation Network is currently seeing a sale for the title and it is unknown at this time whether or not the Xbox Live Marketplace will see an equivalent sale.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Special Editions was quietly delisted from the Xbox Live Marketplace while Deep Silver had it listed for its Deal of the Week from December 2-9. While it was sad to see it removed before the sale officially ended, at least the publisher can say the game was put on sale before removal.
  • JUJU launches on the Xbox Live Marketplace today, December 10. The game is already available now for $14.99 USD and the download size is 1.75GB. After the jump is a launch trailer for the title. Check it out to see JUJU in action.

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Never Alone review (Xbox One)

By  •  November 19, 2014

Never Alone was developed by Upper One Games and E-Line Media and published by E-Line Media. It was released on November 18, 2014 for $14.99 on Xbox One. A copy was provided for review purposes.

Never Alone's Mystic NPC

Do you remember the arrival of the first tightly crafted indie Xbox sidescroller that disproved the notion that a Big Developer with a Big Budget was needed to create games of the highest quality? Neither do I, and that’s because it’s an event guilty of such unrestrained reproduction that it’s hard to recall its inaugural occurrence. Was it the release of Limbo? Mark of the Ninja? Braid? Something else? Regardless of what game kicked off this most welcome — even if now slightly clichéd — trend, it’s seemed apparent since its announcement that Never Alone would be the next game to continue the movement.

Its pretty graphics, intriguing setting and story aspiring to teach players something new caused many to think that Never Alone would be the next big little game. Maybe that’s an unfair burden to have placed on it. Maybe gamers should have instead anticipated only a game that would deftly introduce them to a culture that was heretofore both underrepresented and misrepresented in popular media. Certainly Never Alone does just that, offering a glimpse at the Iñupiat people’s ways that’s worth seeing. But while Upper One Games and E-Line Media have wonderfully succeeded in educating their audience, they’ve come up disappointingly short in entertaining it.

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Telltale’s Game of Thrones will follow five playable characters

By  •  November 4, 2014

Telltale Games’ upcoming Game of Thrones adventure will follow the stories of five different playable characters, reports International Business Times after speaking with Senior VP of Publishing Steve Allison. The characters will …
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XBLAFans Twitch Schedule: Week of 9-8

By  •  September 9, 2014

This week’s schedule is as follows: Tuesday, September 9th @ 8:30 pm (CST) – Recurring Tuesday Stream with Scott / Marshall. This week: Pinball FX2 featuring the new Walking …
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Telltale president wants James Bond

By  •  January 20, 2014

Telltale Games

There has certainly been a lot of “dream IP” talk coming from Telltale Games lately. A few months ago, Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner held a Reddit AMA where the discussion inevitably swung to their top choices for a licensed property. Fans also chimed in with Firefly, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

In a recent interview with OXM, Telltale co-founder and president Kevin Bruner expressed his aggravation with James Bond games that misrepresented the super spy as a “mass murderer.” He is a long-time diehard fan and if Telltale were able to play in the Bond universe, it seems Bruner has quite a few ideas.

However, we would slightly disagree with some of Bruner’s take on Bond. The character, even in his quieter moments, has always been fairly ruthless. The early Fleming novels could be very, very cold and the best Bond film portrayals often walked that line between heroically sinister and emotionally empty.

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