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Trials HD riddle solved

By  •  April 10, 2012

Trials HD community member “FatShady” shared the many details behind a collection of Easter Eggs hidden in the title as part of a complex riddle left behind by developer RedLynx’ Creative Director, Antti Ilvessuo. By properly identifying and dissecting each and every puzzle piece, it was said that both a question and an answer could be ascertained. Both were revealed today in the video above featuring none other than FatShady, bringing several years of intense searching and debating by the game’s community to a head. The final revelation may not be in line with what gamers were hoping for, but the video’s still worth watching for anyone who has spent time trying to unlock the game’s mysteries these past years.

Antti Ilvessuo had this to say about the riddle’s origins and players’ undaunted pursuit of the truth of it all: “You could say I created the riddle,” said Ilvessuo, “but what I really did was set the rules out. The game was played by the players, the riddle was discovered by them. I just started it. That was one [sic] really the key here.”

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Trials HD Easter Eggs may add up to something more

By  •  April 5, 2012

The following comes from a contributor who wishes to be simply known as Fatshady. Big thanks to Fatshady and the rest of the Trials HD community for all their hard work!

Every time I meet someone who has played or even heard of Trials HD, I mention the “Trials HD Riddle”. The entire story about it I find totally fascinating, largely due tot he fact that the riddle has remained so well hidden. If you have ever played Trials HD, ask yourself this: Did you know that there were 18 unique Easter Eggs hidden within the tracks? Did you know these all connect to form a riddle that has remained unsolved for over two years? You didn’t? Well read on my friend, you are in for an eye-opening experience.

When I reflect on just about any other game that has a large player base and numerous Easter Eggs, there are countless wiki’s, YouTube videos and walkthroughs on most websites. Trials HD was played by over two million people yet the smallest percentage of them even know that there are secrets hidden amongst the tracks. What is even more astounding is that an even smaller percentage know that all of these combine to form one of the most elusive riddles found within a video game. With the upcoming sequel, Trials Evolution due to be released on April 18, I thought it was appropriate to share this riddle story one final time to ensure that one of the most fascinating aspects of 2009’s ‘Best Overall Game’ is not forgotten about.

Most people simply don’t believe that these clues have remained hidden for so long. I find that it is much easier to show them all so here is a recap of what we have found to date. To bring you up to date with the investigations, let me now go through these one by one and explain what we believe they are. This is a summary of the nearly 50 pages over at the official RedLynx forums regarding the riddle. Read it here

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Ubisoft acquires Trials HD developer RedLynx

By  •  November 7, 2011

It appears that RedLynx has found a new home under the Ubisoft tent. It was announced on November 2 that Ubisoft had purchased the Finnish studio and …
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Trials HD Tuesday: Blocks

By  •  August 30, 2011

It’s Trials riding at its simplest.
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Trials HD Tuesday Thursday: CS4 Operative 3

By  •  August 25, 2011

You are the operative. Your mission: to stop an out of control missile before it destroys the world.
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Trials HD Tuesday: YH-bloody wolf 1.0

By  •  August 9, 2011

YH-bloody wolf 1.0 is deceiving. It’s listed as a beginner course but beginners will find themselves throwing controllers. It’s not incredibly difficult, but it’s definitely mislisted. Putting that aside …
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Trials HD Tuesday: Tombstone

By  •  August 2, 2011

We’re always up for custom Trials HD tracks that make use of the game’s other modes. Tombstone makes use of the Down the Stairs game type, and it does …
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Belated Trials HD Tuesday: Dockside

By  •  July 20, 2011

Here’s an interesting track by THD Net that ‘s themed around riding right near the edge of a busy dock. It’s got all the things you’d expect from the …
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Trials HD Tuesday: Whistler

By  •  July 12, 2011

Take a trip around a very RedLynx-style course.
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Trials HD Tuesday: Afterburner Challenge

By  •  June 28, 2011

It’s always a fun thing when track creators try to do more than just the standard racing course with challenging jumps and climbs. Afterburner Challenge by iLovePepso is a …
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