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Real Steel update brings new parts, moves to robo-brawler

By  •  April 25, 2012

Released near the end of last year, Yuke’s Real Steel – based on the movie of the same name – offered a chance to practice the sweet science Rock-Em …
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Real Steel review (XBLA)

By  •  April 1, 2012

Real Steel was developed and published by Yuke’s Co., Ltd. It was released on December 14, 2011 for 800 MSP. A code was provided for review purposes.

Like its big-screen brother, one would have a fair amount of skepticism going into the game adaptation of Real Steel. However, unlike the film you will most likely find frustration rather than dumb fun. That’s a shame, really. There actually is ample potential within Real Steel, but issues that seem small at first end up ruining everything in the long run.

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Real Steel info reveals more about sweet robot boxing

By  •  September 19, 2011

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve learned that perennial WWE game developer Yuke’s Co. Ltd’s new movie tie-in Real Steel will release in October for the price of 800 MSP. Today, an article translated for us by the ever-helpful @lifelower provides a first look at a lot of the mechanisms of this interesting robot fighting game. While the trailer posted last week showed off a lot of the gameplay, the information released today fills in a lot of details about exactly how robots box. See after the break to get all of the juicy details.

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Real Steel shows off the robotic goods in its first trailer

By  •  September 14, 2011

Did you ever think Hugh Jackman would be in an XBLA game? Well, he might not be in this but the giant robots that fight each other are the …
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Real Steel XBLA game fighting its way to October release

By  •  September 7, 2011

Yuke’s Co. Ltd, best known for their yearly WWE wrestling titles have announced that they are developing an Xbox Live Arcade game based on the upcoming Hugh Jackman film, …
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Steel Rats Review: Steeling the Show

By  •  June 1, 2019

You’ve likely played your fair share of combat based platformers. Maybe even a few stunt-based motorcycle games (such as Trials). Steel Rats blends these two into its own formula, providing …
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Friday Top Five: Worst XBLA movie-licensed games

By  •  December 20, 2013

XBLAFans Top_5

Most movie-licensed games are a special kind of terrible, but every once in a while you’ll find a gem that salvages the crummy image they’ve cultivated for themselves. That’s not the case here. At best, these are thinly veiled advertisements for summer blockbusters; at worst, they’re gaming’s equivalent of Happy Meal toys – cheaply assembled from hunks of material lying around to capitalize on the fervor of whatever the target demographic is smitten with at the moment. And like those little plastic tchotchkes, if you want the thrill of playing with a relic of your new favorite license, you’re going to have to eat some junk.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally whittled down a surprisingly robust list of big-screen bombs. We’re counting down the top five worst Xbox Live Arcade movie tie-ins (in no particular order).

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Deal of the Week: Half off movie tie-ins

By  •  October 8, 2013

The deal this week is admittedly scant on Xbox Live Arcade offerings, but there’s a decent pull or two if you’re looking for a game based on a movie. …
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Pacific Rim washes up on Xbox Live Arcade next week

By  •  July 5, 2013

YUKE’S Co. has announced Pacific Rim The Video Game, the aptly titled tie-in to the Warner Brothers’ and Legendary Pictures’ upcoming summer blockbuster about giant robots fighting giant monsters …
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XBLA Deal of the Week

By  •  April 9, 2013

There are lots of discounts on XBLA games both this week and next week worth some attention. If you are yet to play Dungeon Defenders, it’s one of the standout …
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