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I Am Alive review (XBLA)

By  •  March 20, 2012

I Am Alive was developed by Ubisoft Shanghai and produced by Ubisoft. It was released on March 7, 2012 for 1200 MSP. 

It’s two hours before any act of kindness befalls Adam, I Am Alive’s gravelly protagonist. Two strangers sheltering from the callous outdoors offer him some meat. It’s cooked, Adam’s nursing wounds, and his is a world in which food is hard come by. The men huddle around a fire in full blaze and in a city ravaged by earthquakes and shrouded by a plume of killer-dust, the scene in the gloomy subway is about the most heartening yet. Adam scoffs the meat down and sets off again. Perhaps there is good still in this most ruthless of worlds. And then you stumble upon the cage; a 4×3 foot coop home to a human skeleton and some leftover slabs of meat. Damnit.

Like so much of I Am Alive, it’s a scene anchored in Cormac McCarthy’s comfortless classic The Road, but Ubisoft could hardly have chosen a more worthy inspiration for its bleak survival horror.

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I Am Alive assures its life through launch trailer and companion app

By  •  March 6, 2012

After countless waiting and footage, tomorrow marks I Am Alive‘s release on XBLA. You play a man searching for his family after post-apocalyptic doom to find out if they’re still…well…alive. Along the way, you’ll need to help people with water and food in order and stray away from the crazies that want to steal everything from you. In addition to the launch trailer above, Ubisoft has launched a free companion app on the iTunes App Store. The app will come with a map of the area and list of resources to help you find water and food to ensure your survival. No word if it’s coming to Android or WP7 as of now but we’ll let you know if there’s any updates.

If you want to get through the post-apocalyptic gloom, check out I Am Alive this Wednesday for 1200 MSP and don’t forget if you bought the three previous House Party titles, you’ll get 800 MSP back for free. You can also check out the first 15 minutes of the game in action after the jump but if you’re not a fan of spoilers, just wait until tomorrow.
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I Am Alive dev diary recommends thinking before shooting

By  •  February 27, 2012

You approach a stranger in I Am Alive‘s Haventon. He’s a dirty, grungy type of wanderer bearing a knife. You could unholster that pistol at your side and unload a few rounds into him. Oh yes, you could do that. Thing is, you might actually only have a few rounds on you. So then what’s your course of action once he’s lying in a pool of his own blood and his menacing buddies come ambling out from around the corner? Uh-oh.

Furthermore, what if the stranger wasn’t a bad guy at all? Judging the true intentions of wanderers in Darkworks’ action-adventure title won’t be easy, and players will have to carefully scope out situations before acting. Well, if they want to live long enough to get a crack at sizing up the next poor soul wandering the city’s wastes they will, anyways.

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I Am Alive climbs to new heights

By  •  February 7, 2012

The newest video from I Am Alive shows off the importance of parkour in a post-apocalyptic environment. Motorized transportation and electric elevators are no longer reliable, so getting from A to …
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New I Am Alive video shows off combat encounters and the dangers of others

By  •  January 18, 2012

Yesterday we brought you new gameplay details on Ubisoft’s survival centric adventure game I Am Alive. Today we’re able to bring you a new “tape” made by the game’s …
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New I Am Alive screenshots and gameplay details survived the apocalypse at CES

By  •  January 17, 2012

Ubisoft’s I Am Alive was on display at this year’s CES convention where new details and screenshots of the game have come to light. As previously explained, the game puts you in the shoes of a character living in a city that’s been brought to its knees by natural disasters that have changed the world and society along with it. Everyday life is about survival and nothing more. If you want to live, you’re going to have to push yourself to your limits and go places you previously thought unimaginable. offers up several gameplay scenarios that I Am Alive will drop players into; What will you do when a small group of people start circling you, obviously planning something? You pull your weapon but the clip is empty. Will you bluff and try to intimidate them? Either they’ll leave you alone or they’ll call you out and things will get messy. The system also works the other way around with players being able to call out potential threats to them as well. Fight and win, fight and lose, run and survive, run and get gunned down? Any number of things can happen and your survival is contingent on what you decide to do.

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House Party 2012 to feature Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and I Am Alive

By  •  January 9, 2012

Are you ready to party? Microsoft certainly is, at least according to a trailer which has appeared on Xbox Live today. It reveals this years House Party promotion along …
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New I Am Alive trailer offers survival tips

By  •  December 15, 2011

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for their upcoming post apocalyptic adventure game, I Am Alive. The trailer features the game’s protagonist, who gives viewers tips on surviving in …
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Ubisoft announces I Am Alive is…still alive and headed to XBLA

By  •  September 29, 2011

Ubisoft has announced that their post-disaster survival title I Am Alive is still in development and slated to release on Xbox Live Arcade this winter. Originally announced as a …
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I Am Alive rated in Australia

By  •  June 29, 2011

A few months back, a rumor surfaced that I Am Alive would be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. That was later debunked as a rumor. Recently a rating for …
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