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Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons coming in September for 1200 MSP

By  •  July 26, 2011

Billy and Jimmy Lee have been pretty quiet for the last couple of years but they seem to be on track for a new revival. Barunson Interactive is developing a remake of the classic Double Dragon II: The Revenge but it will carry the new subtitle Wander of the Dragons. Instead of being a 2D remake, it’s gonna go full 3D with the environments and enemies. The gameplay will still remain the same of going from place to place, beating up a series of enemies with 2-player local co-op to boot. While it’s not an exact remake, it’ll have allusions to the original classic through some of the scenarios. It’ll also include new modes such as Survival and all-new playable characters if the Lee Brothers isn’t your thing. One thing unknown is if the co-op is online so fingers crossed you can beat up thugs with a buddy online in case he’s busy at home. Catch the video above and some new screenshots after the break, it’ll be hitting digital shelves this September for 1200 MSP.
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Leaked achievement list hints that Double Dragon II remake is close to launch

By  •  March 11, 2013

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It’s been a long time since we’ve heard news of Gravity’s remake of Double Dragon II, subtitled Wander of the Dragons. In fact, …
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Double Dragon series may be returning to XBLA

By  •  June 23, 2011

Our ever vigilant tipper @lifelower pieced together something interesting recently. Over a year ago at the G-Seminar in North Korea Jong Shin Choi, CEO of Barunson Creative, …
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PAX West Game Guide 2018: The Indies

By  •  September 17, 2018

We might have bit a bit more than we can chew this PAX. The infamous PAX plague didn’t help by any means. But we’ve finally been able to write up …
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XBLA occupies Metacritic’s list of best-reviewed Xbox 360 titles

By  •  July 2, 2013

Metacritic has released its quarterly report on the best-reviewed Xbox 360 games of the year. The list runs from the beginning of 2013, through July 1st, and ranks each …
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Play to Earn will give rewards for playing XBLA

By  •  March 28, 2013

Starting April 1, Xbox Live Rewards is launching a new program to reward members even more. According to Major Nelson, MyPunchcard will keep track of your online activity and offer …
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XBLAFans’ most anticipated 2013 XBLA games: Part II

By  •  January 15, 2013

XBLA Games of 2013 Day 2

Here we are once again at the start of what’s sure to be another fantastic year of XBLA releases. Each day this week XBLAFans will be rolling out a list of eight of our most anticipated Xbox Live Arcade releases of 2013. While we can’t possibly cover every single XBLA game planned for this year, we’ll be giving you a varied list of 40 of the most promising titles we expect to release on XBLA in 2013. Once it’s all done, be sure to check back in next Monday when each staff member makes his/her picks for the game he/she is most looking forward to.


The Cave

Developer: Double Fine

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An upcoming platform-adventure game, The Cave is the brainchild of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert. Channeling Gilbert’s earlier work, The Cave employs classic adventure-style gameplay within an action-platform framework. While we expect The Cave to release this month, an official release date has not yet been announced.

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XBLAFancast Episode 24

By  •  August 2, 2011

We had an exceptionally late episode last week, but we’re making up for it this week with possibly the most punctual episode yet! The usual cast of myself, John Laster and Andrew Crews are joined by Deputy Editor Steve Melton to discuss all things XBLA.

It’s a very slow news week this week so we spend more time that we should discussing just why we don’t want yet another Worms game on XBLA.

Things take a better turn when we hit the what we’ve been playing and twitter topic segments, in which there is some pretty interesting discussion of topics ranging from retro remakes to the often discussed friends list limit.


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