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Dungeon Defenders free until end of March for gold users

By  •  March 17, 2014

Dungeon Defenders looks to be March’s Games with Gold offering. One of our favorite games of 2011, Dungeon Defenders offers a deep co-op experience merging tower defense with action-RPG …
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Dungeon Defenders II announced…but not coming to XBLA

By  •  March 22, 2013

The original Dungeon Defenders was an extremely popular XBLA title, and many players have been looking forward to the inevitable sequel for some time.  The sequel is looking very …
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Dungeon Defenders releases final DLC installment

By  •  October 30, 2012

The fourth and final game add-on for Dungeon Defenders released a few days ago at a price of 320 MSP. The last installment will take you on a journey …
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Dungeon Defenders DLC hits XBLA

By  •  May 21, 2012

The third part of Dungeon DefendersThe Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards was last week released on XBLA. Part III: Aquanos, is set in the submerged ruins of …
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Dungeon Defenders gets patch, DLC on XBLA

By  •  April 26, 2012

Developer Trendy Entertainment today released the first console patch for Dungeon Defenders alongside the DLC pack Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part II: Moraggo Desert Town on …
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Dungeon Defenders DLC details emerge from their magic lamp

By  •  March 1, 2012

The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 2 DLC and latest title update for Dungeon Defenders is inching closer to a console release. Although Microsoft has yet …
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Dungeon Defenders DLC and update submitted to Microsoft

By  •  February 20, 2012

The latest title update and DLC for Dungeon Defenders has been submitted to Microsoft and Sony for their approval, according to Trendy Entertainment’s Development Director and Chief Technology Officer Jeremy …
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Dungeon Defenders receives its first console patch

By  •  February 9, 2012

Update: The Title Update will actually coincide with the upcoming DLC release, apologies for any confusion.

Original Story: Dungeon Defenders received its first console patch earlier this week and fans of the game will be pleased to hear it addresses a number of minor bugs and increases the game’s level cap. The patch is great news for XBLA gamers since it was stated a while back that all DLC available for the PC version might not reach consoles. Trendy Entertainment revealed the full patch details on their official forums or you can read the full list here after the jump.

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Dungeon Defenders hits the million mark

By  •  February 6, 2012

Ever since its release in October, Dungeon Defenders has built a fan-base from right here on our site to everyone else in the world. In an interview with Trendy …
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Dungeon Defenders regrettably witholds character and costume DLC from XBLA

By  •  January 31, 2012

We all made many sad faces when we found out that Monday Night Combat would be abandoning the XBLA DLC plans in favor of continued and bolstered support for the PC version. As it happens, more sadfaces are on the way as Trendy Entertainment has wound up in a similar bind when comparing their XBLA support versus PC for Dungeon Defenders. However, Trendy isn’t jumping ship like Uber Entertainment did (let’s call it like it is), there will be compromise. Here’s an excerpt of Trendy Entertainment’s post on their forums regarding console DLC:

After much thought and investigation, we’ve decided it’s unfeasible from both a technical and business standpoint to bring the PC-only content (Holiday DLC, New Heroes Pack, Barbarian, Assault Mission Pack, Nightmare Mode, Shops, etc.) to the console versions. This is for a variety of reasons including the massive restructuring of the current console game that would have to take place, the QA process necessary to prepare for submission, patch size limitations, patch stacking requirements, and the opportunity cost of pursuing other projects.

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