XBLAFans.com is a start up by John Laster, long time editor of TheGameReviews and frequent freelance contributor, and Ben Fisher, owner of TheGameReviews.com. They felt  Xbox Live Arcade games were currently neglected by many mainstream outlets and that there were few sites that focused entirely upon them. As such, they look to fill that void and become the premier site for XBLA news, reviews, and commentary.

Seeing as the site currently makes no money, they are not offering pay at this time and do not expect that to change for the foreseeable future. They do intend to give their team free codes for games as well as a platform from which they can build their own portfolio for future paid jobs. Both Ben and John have been in the industry for a while and they love to help others move up the ranks. This is a great opportunity for someone who may not have much formal writing experience, as almost all paid jobs in the industry require a significant amount. By working with our team of editors, you would be able to hone your craft and train for a future in the industry.

We do ask that you be 18 or older. We use editor’s real names as a professional courtesy, so you’ll need to consent to that as well. If you’re interested, please contact John@xblafans.com for more information. (If available, please include resume and some form of a writing sample)