It’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means! New games, and this week there are 4, and one of them is free! Read on for a full dossier on each title.

First on the list of releases we have Konami’s 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2, the golf game with the most. And just to let you know, this title only retails for 800MSP, or $10!

Swing back into action with 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2, jam-packed with more holes, more fun and more minigolf hysteria! Score perfect hole-in-ones as you putt through 54 mind-bending holes in three outrageous themes. Play through the Haunted Manor, Manic Museum, Winter Wonderland or dare to create your own wacky course. Use a variety of silly power-ups to sabotage your opponents as you tee off in 4 player matches. It’s game time as you customize your character with over-the-top accessories including a diving helmet, elf ears, Roman sandals and more!

Next on the list is the highly awaited, delayed, and last title in the Game Feast, Pinball FX2! And best of all? It’s free! The only thing that costs money with this game is buying more tables, and all the tables you have bought for Pinball FX1 transfer over! Again, it retails for… NOTHING!

Pinball FX is back, and it is better than ever! Pinball FX2 offers brand new tables and a host of new features and improvements: new state-of-the-art physics model that surpasses anything available so far, full compatibility for Pinball FX owners, online races, hotseat and split-screen multiplayer modes, Operators Menu with custom settings and advanced play info.

Next up is Ubisoft’s Bloody Good Time, the source engine FPS based off of horror B-movies. The game is multiplayer only, and does support system link. And since the game is multiplayer only, they have priced accordingly (like many other developers should) at 400 MSP.

Welcome to Hollywood! The home of fame and fortune! That’s what the flyer said anyway. The reality hasn’t proven quite so fruitful. All you need is one shot, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Up to 8 players can play simultaneously on this exclusively multiplayer first person shooter. Choose your character and shoot down your competitors in 4 game modes (Hunt, Elimination, Revenge, Death Match) and on 3 Hollywood sets. Be prepared to run for fame and succeed at any cost or die trying!

Last but not least we have Atari’s remake of their classic survival horror title: Haunted House. A complete overhaul from the original, and just in time for Halloween! And at only 80o MSP it is quite a steal.

Enter the Haunted House, if you dare. Atari’s classic groundbreaking game is back with more chills, cool new unlockables and plenty of spooky new enemies. Discover hidden secrets, mystical tombs, and new towers and catacombs, as you follow your grandfather’s footsteps on an epic adventure, searching for the magical urn that will lead you to his whereabouts. But beware – danger lurks behind every corner! Are you brave enough for the task, or are you afraid of the dark depths of The Haunted House?

Also, just as a side-note the Hydro Thunder Tempest DLC was released today, containing 3 new tracks, multiple new skins, and ups 6 novice/pro class boats to Expert class. All of this for only $5!

Now if you are not willing to take the plunge on any of these titles yet without some hands on reviews, check back here in a few and we will give you the full scoop on all of these titles!