Undead Labs are still hard at work on their ambitous open world zombie game Class3 but they’ve been taking some time out to answer questions on their website. We’ve read through their answers and picked out a few choice details we found most interesting.

Players will begin the game at a mountain resort shortly after a zombie outbreak, they will most likely have no weapons or resources at hand initially (this could change before release).

You will have to worry about cholera and dysentery, in case you were wondering.

The amount of items your character can carry will be limited, to a reasonably realistic amount. This can be extended by acquiring a vehicle, but that brings its own pitfalls as it will make you a bigger, louder and more resource intensive (cars need fuel) target.

Water will feature in the game, players will be able to swim. Undead Labs added this chilling comment; “You have to worry about drowning. Zombies don’t.”

Much as one would expect from an open world game there will be no load screens or loading breaks as you roam the world.

Lots of other details are still being considered or discussed. Weather effects have been considered but will be in the next game (Class4) and not Class3. The enviroment will be interactive (some destructability), the example given was a church bell which can be rung to attract/distract zombies. Wildlife will likely be a factor and could be hunted to be used for food.

The scope of Class3 sounds very impressive but we have still yet to see the actual game. We’re very interested to see a game as ambitious and unique as this on XBLA. Undead Labs are sure to continue sharing tidbits of information as development progresses and we’ll be sure to pass on the most interesting to you.

Source: Undead Labs