In a discussion with Joystiq, Twisted Pixel has announced that Ms. ‘Splosion Man will be playable at the upcoming convention, PAX East. Not only that, but they promise another unannounced title to be playable there as well, with information on it to come in the days preceding the event. The project is confirmed to be what ex-Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale has been working on.

Along with that, Twisted Pixel has announced via Twitter an open invitation to be featured in a game from Twisted Pixel. To be eligible, simply show up at TP’s booth at PAX East in a costume resembling any of the characters from one of Twisted Pixel’s games. They’ll judge the best costume, and the winner will get the role. The nature of the character as well as the game are entirely dependent on the person, apparently. Looks like Twisted Pixel’s bringing quite the presentation to PAX East, if you’re able to attend the expo and have a thirst for more explosions, be sure to check out what Twisted Pixel has in store for us.