Just when you thought it was safe to let your scientists leave the house, a new terror has been let loose on the world! On December 2, 2010 Twisted Pixel was pleased to announced that one of their subsidiaries “Big Science” had finally captured the spontaneously explosive creature known as “Splosion Man”. The scientists speak with an air of confidence now that this troubled time is over with, Dr. Wilson had this to say, “Even if some sort of newer, stronger, better threat were created, our newest security measures and fiendish traps would be more than enough to contain it.  We’ve made incredible advances in our technology over this past year….  Not that there would ever be a use for any of it.”

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Dr. Henry added “Our lab, our equipment – everything has had functionality improvements and visual overhauls, and our company has expanded to some incredible new locations.  It’s all pristine and beautiful – decadent environments that we are very happy no experiment gone wrong will ever rampage through.”  Dr. Henry paused briefly before continuing, “I don’t even know why I’m mentioning that, because it’s 100% guaranteed that Splosion Man will never be a threat to us again.” When asked if there was any overconfidence amongst the scientists Dr. Riley was quick to quip “Why?  What’s going to happen, some sort of freak accident in the after party that creates a “Ms. Splosion Man” mere seconds after Splosion Man’s capture?  And then the Ms. Splosion Man goes on some monster tear in the fall of 2011?  Yeah right.  Not very likely.”  Twisted Pixel reiterated that despite the fact nothing could possibly go wrong, that if anything possibly newsworthy were to occur they would keep us posted in the coming months.

All joking aside, this reveal is quite exciting for a number of reasons.

  1. New title in the Splosion Man series
  2. Enhanced visuals? Sign me up!
  3. Tougher levels? Yes plz
  4. More silly scientists? Of coarse.

Coming in an estimated Fall 2011, it will be the fourth title from Twisted Pixel after Comic Jumper, The Maw, and Splosion Man. Details are very far few inbetween, but there are some that have been released. You will play as Ms. Splosion Man, a pink version of Splosion Man with a bow. You will be exploding to and from platforms as before. And you will be teaming up with 3 friends (or potentially A.I.) for some co-op frenzy as in the first title.

In a recent publication by Game Developer Twisted Pixel’s creative lead, Josh Bear, argues that game developers need to establish personalities for their games and the characters within, and that “we tried to make Splosion Man wacky and crazy through animation to help him stand out from other game characters. We knew early on that we didn’t have the manpower to create unique environments for every stage nor a multitude of enemies to go along with them. By focusing on animations for Splosion Man and the scientist characters, we could pull the player’s eye more toward that aspect and less toward what we couldn’t do that well at the time.” Following this recent unveiling of Ms. Splosion Man it seems they are sticking to this same technique, establish a wacky character through animation and back-story and you will have a fun game. Although from the press release it does seem like they are also focusing on level design this time around, but in their defense I didn’t find any problems with the first’s levels.

In a recent interview with gaming blog Joystiq Josh Bear gave us a few new items of info on this title. Most notably, On the co-op side, we are revamping how we design the levels so that it is easier for four people to play at once, and that the online side of things runs smoother than the first one, We are making Ms. Splosion Man because it is awesome. We are also working on another game that is a new property that will be announced sometime soon. If Dan can hurry up and clean out the fridge, he might get a chance to work on that game, and We haven’t announced that [Ms. Splosion Man will be 360 exclusive] yet, but we are always open to working on all platforms (apologies to Mr. Gates — if you guys had a version of “The Tester” on Xbox we would totally only go with you all the time).

The original Splosion Man was released in June 2009, and according to sales analyst GamerBytes it has sold 330,000 copies since it’s release. Enough to warrant a sequel, as evidenced by Ms. Splosion Man. Currently this is all the information we have on the menace in a yellow bow known as Ms. Splosion Man, but we will keep you posted as more information is released. You may leave comments in the bottom of any suspicious characters you may have seen that resemble her, and where at. I have attached an artists rendering below, good luck!