Capcom’s recent iOS game MaXplosion’s blatant similarities to ‘Splosion Man sent Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford up in a call to arms, but in a recent release he’s proclaimed no legal action will be pursued.

“We’re definitely not going to pursue legal action. While I think the similarities are pretty nauseating, we’re too small to take on a company like Capcom. That, and we owe them one for inventing Mega Man, so we’ll let them slide. I just hope they’re not counting on the fact that indies can’t fight back.”

Wilford goes on to state the company’s focus on making their current project, and even talked of making a mobile game to send Capcom a message. It would be cool to see ‘Splosion Man hit iOS, and it’s good to see Capcom’s actions won’t affect the production of Ms. ‘Splosion Man or any other projects Twisted Pixel may be working on.