This week’s Trials HD custom track comes to us from KatamariUK and is entitled Time Crisis.   The title fits the gameplay to a T — objects move to closer to dangerous or impossible-to-cross positions in a sort of ticking motion, meaning the player has little time to sit around and enjoy the scenery.  It’s a great example of original design and is a must-have in anyone’s Trials HD archive.

Difficulty: Extreme
XBLAFans’ best time: 2:03:11

To download this course you’ll need to send a friend request to the gamertag linked below. Once they have accepted the request you’ll be able to download all of their courses through the game menu. Please be courteous and thank them once you have downloaded the track, then remove them from your friends list so others can have a chance to download the track.

Gamertag: KatamariUK

Stay tuned in the future — we’re looking into a possible theory of hosting the file here. Players will easily be able to add the files to their USB flash drive and copy it to their 360’s hard drive, no modification needed. We’re still researching how simple this will be, but we’ll let everyone know once we have an answer.