We’re suckers for unique tracks, and today’s featured track fits ‘unique’ to a T. DrittesAuge’s track Chaosphere is both a challenge and a work of art. It’s just one of those courses that when you’re in the zone the whole course flows smooth as butter. In addition the abstract style includes not only one-of-a-kind obstacles, but a camera angle which adds to the strange mood Chaosphere emits.

Difficulty: Hard
XBLAFans’ best time: 2:24:41

To download this course you’ll need to send a friend request to the gamertag linked below. Once they have accepted the request you’ll be able to download all of their courses through the game menu. Please be courteous and thank them once you have downloaded the track, then remove them from your friends list so others can have a chance to download the track.

Gamertag: DrittesAuge