Trials HD fans rejoice, for today is Trials HD Tuesday!  Today’s staff pick comes from xIron Warlordx with his medium difficulty course, Castle Quest.

Castle Quest takes your rider through a obstacle course set in the vein of storming a medieval castle.   The course is heavily physics-based, with riders having to push themselves through explosive pinwheels, cross a closing drawbridge and be launched by a catapult into the castle.  Upon completing the course players catch a glimpse of a physics-based dragon which “attacks” the castle.  The physics puzzles are great as they provide a unique experience each time, and the setting and mood are convincing.

Difficulty: Medium
XBLAFans’ best time: 1:06:12

To download this course you’ll need to send a friend request to the gamertag linked below.  Once they have accepted the request you’ll be able to download all of their courses through the game menu. Please be courteous and thank them once you have downloaded the track, then remove them from your friends list so others can have a chance to download the track.

Gamertag: xIron Warlordx