Fries Tube circuitry with concentrated radio waves. Close range, high damage, minimal side effects.
Unlock method: Awarded for completing Pylon.
Features a greater output signal and better cooling coils than the Light Broadcaster,  also comes with a complete subscription to “Mr. Static” magazine.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Hospital or Port loot.
In physics, the wavelength of a sinusoidal wave is the spatial period of the wave.  It is usually determined by considering the distance…blah blah, egg head speak is so boring.  In short this weapons causes those Tubes to explode when they die.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Sinkhole loot.
This is a simply a trench mounted disruption tower that causes the Tubes to slow down when they make contact with the beam.  The harmonics of the Soprano Saxophone were used in the creation of this weapon.
Unlock method: Chance to get Sphinx or Village loot.
This fearsome broadcaster is the most powerful available, none of this pansy slow down or explosion stuff, just straight face melting.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Village or Power Plant loot.
Created accidentally when Prof. Min flipped a table in a fit of rage and smashed a slow broadcaster into a explosion broadcaster. This weapon will both slow and explode any unfortunate tube that wanders into its beam.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Drydock or Volcano loot.

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