Aliens are coming, not Xenomorphs, but good old fashioned aliens. The popular H.G. Wells book The War of the Worlds is coming to XBLA courtesy of Other Ocean Interactive. The game will be in the style of a 2D rotoscoped platformer similar to Out of this World or the original Prince of Persia. “The team and I are huge fans of the original rotoscoped cinematic platformers of early PC gaming. This is a dream project for everyone on the team. Having the ability to approach the game in a completely retro way and pay homage to one of our favorite periods in gaming is more than we could ask for.” said Mike Mika, Head of Development at Other Ocean Interactive.

Players control an unknown everyman trying to escape the alien invasion in London. They will try to outsmart the visitors from another planet while working through the chaos of the city. While there aren’t a lot of screenshots or videos of the game in action, Other Ocean will be showing the game off at E3. Make sure to keep a lookout for this promising title this Summer.