The boys over at Team Meat are sidestepping the whole process of Microsoft content certification to offer free levels on XBL.  How does Microsoft feel about this?  They actually seem to encourage it.  By using XBL’s Title Managed Storage System, they can offer additional content without the need for micro transactions or Microsoft’s approval.  This is the same system used my Monday Night Combat to tweak settings post-release, and will prove to be a very popular way for developers to add and manage content to a game after it is purchased.

It’s nice to see that for once Microsoft isn’t immediately putting the kill on an alternate way for gamers to get additional content for their games.  It seems like technology companies are always giving us great tools, then shutting down all the innovative ways we use them to share and enjoy content, save for their controlled and monetized system.  Perhaps the upcoming Mega Man Universe will distribute user-created levels in the same way.  However, Microsoft did not go for the plan to allow user-generated levels to be shared cross-platform.  I suppose that’s asking for too much.

Super Meat Boy comes out October 20th and will have a pack of 20 levels available on launch with more scheduled by the end of the year.