It’s the end of the week again and you know what that means, it’s time for the Sunday Roundup. Not much missed this week, we have two new releases coming out early next year: Pix the Cat and Rise & Shine and a new character spotlight for Gigantic, which is still in beta (we have tons of codes for the beta, just ask for one in the comments below).

Motiga has put together a new hero spotlight video, this week they’re covering Uncle Sven.

Pix the Cat (Source: The Xbox Hub)
After its success on the PC and PS4, Pasta Games and Neko Entertainment have decided to bring thier old-school arcade influinced game Pix the Cat to Xbox One in early 2017 for $9.99.

Rise & Shine (Source: Microsoft)
This 2-D side scrolling puzzle platformer is being made by adult swim games and is set to release on the Xbox One January 13, 2017.