Seisou Kouki Strania, the upcoming shooter for Xbox Live Arcade actually has an English title, Strania — The Stella Machina —. Several details were also recently revealed for the game, along with a gallery of screenshots, some artwork, and a link to the English trailer.

Strania will feature cooperative play for up to two players. Multiplayer can be played locally over Xbox Live, and the game features drop-in, drop-out coop, meaning your buddy can jump right in and out when on a couch or over Live. The player pilots a mech that can be equipped with a variety of weapons, including both long-range weapons such as lasers and rockets, as well as melee weapons such as swords to take on enemies up close and personal. The story is set in a futuristic world involving an alien invasion:

The paths of two advanced civilizations cross as Strania attempts to defend its planet from the approaching Vower army. Armed in powerful mecha able to carry a variety of weapons, the Stranian special task force, the Stella Machina, set out on a preemptive strike against the artificial beings. In order to give their home planet a chance to overcome the oppressors, the Stella Machina must destroy Vower’s massive particle weapon “Gunrock” and create an opening for the fleet to attack the Vower base settling on the frontline.

Developer G.rev have also announced the first DLC for the game, SIDE VOWER. In SIDE VOWER players take control of a the antagonists of the main game, sent to recapture a planet held sacred by them. The DLC will feature new stages, new music and the story as told from the Vower faction’s perspective.

Strania — The Stella Machina — will be available March 30 for 800MSP. In the meantime check out the screens, art, and English trailer after the break. The original Japanese trailer can be found here.