The stellar Xbox Live Arcade shooter Section 8: Prejudice is getting its first title update. The patch addresses stability issues as well as some server-based issues. A full list can be seen after the jump. Coinciding with the update are a handful of hotfixes for the game. Ranked Swarm matches can now be played with two players, and servers will be more likely to try to keep friends of party members together when auto-balancing a game. If you haven’t checked out Prejudice yet, take a look at our review of the game, then give it a spin. You won’t be disappointed.


* Fixed a rare shader system crash that could occur randomly during gameplay

* Fixed a crash that could occur when signing out of LIVE when a message about downloading DLC was on-screen, then attempting to access the marketplace from the DLC message



* Fixed an issue where the game was not correctly upgrading from the Trial Version to the Full Game when logging in with a LIVE account that had previously purchased the game



* Improved visibility of the Loading screen Deploy button after map transition

* Fixed an issue where an inactive sign-in change would disconnect players from Prejudice Online

* Fixed an issue where custom match browser search options saved from a previous run of the game were not reflected in the UI on subsequent runs, even though the actual search options were saved correctly

* Added the ability to reconnect to Prejudice Online without resigning-in, by selecting the Stats button without a connection.



* Added improved Region and Language dedicated server options to help players join servers that are near their region and have players of the same language

* Fixed an issue where idle dedicated servers would get into a bad state after an extended period of time

* Added descriptive error message for when a dedicated server fails to launch due to requiring an update

* Fixed an issue where dedicated servers would sometimes not reconnect to the stats system properly