TimeGate Studios announced today that Section 8: Prejudice players can now rent their own dedicated servers. TimeGate has team up with GameServers.com to provide PC-based dedicated servers for Prejudice. This marks the first time that players can host their own dedicated server for an Xbox 360 game. Rental averages between 10 to 45 USD a month based on the number of human players the server is set to support and how many months are paid in advance.

Servers can have ranked or unranked configurations and can have a large depth of customization options including maps, modes, difficulty and other gameplay settings. The server settings can be modified at any time via a web interface. This is sure to please clans, especially considering Prejudice‘s robust stat-tracking and clan configuration settings via the game’s web interface. For more on the stat tracking video the video below. To rent a server now, visit www.GameServers.com/Section8Prejudice/.