A severe lack of limbs isn’t stopping Rayman from climbing to greater heights in the beautifully animated prequel, Rayman Origins. Michel Ancel–Creator of both Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil–has released new information about the game in the latest Game Informer magazine. Little has been said about the XBLA-bound title since E3 last year. This new batch of info has upgraded Origins from a downloadable, episodic adventure to a full-fledged game pressed to disk.

The promising art style and new engine known as UBIart Framework could be to blame for the shift to retail. Ancel insists that it comes from people wanting this to be a real sequel. Whatever the case, we’re just happy that the project lives and can be expected to release later this year.

If you’ve forgotten why to be pumped for Origins, check out the E3 trailer below.

Source: Destructiod