Crossbow – An automatic, infinite ammo crossbow. When the cursor is green, the bolt will fly in a straight line, hold the trigger down for a massive increase in firing rate and arrow spread. This weapon can pull off headshots as well. The alternate fire on the crossbow stuns an area of enemies.



Bladestaff – A large sword good for slicing up orcs. This one’s great for use in conjunction with the ice amulet, or for taking on massive hordes without letting any slip by. The alternate attack sends out a short shockwave, knocking enemies back.



Wind Belt – Push and pick up enemies and objects. The Wind Belt is great for levels with large vats of acid or lava, and is most effective at killing orcs in such a fashion. However, it can also be used to push enemies back through a set of traps. The alternate fire picks up one specific enemy and can carry and later launch them.



Flame Braces – Throws fireballs at groups of enemies. The Flame Braces are best used to take out groups of enemies as they bunch up, however it activates in a circle around the first enemy hit, so try hitting lines of enemies from the side, or above. The alternate fire lays down a flame wall, dealing massive damage and burning enemies which tread over it.



Ice Amulet – Freeze enemies in their tracks. This one fires five blasts that each do a bit of damage and freeze for a while, and can kill flying enemies in one hit. The frost nova, which is the alt fire, doesn’t do much damage but it freezez in a large area around the warmage and freezes for a longer period of time.



Ring of Lightning – Cast chain lightning at enemies. Each bolt of lightning can kill up to four enemies initially and does a ton of damage. It’s also very quick, making it great for saving the day on a kobold that’s sprinted to the rift. The alternate fire summons a massive area-of-effect lightning cloud, periodically doing massive damage to enemies beneath it.




Floor Traps

Spike Trap – A set of spikes pop out the floor stabbing enemies. This one triggers and resets.

Poisoned Spike Trap (8s) – Enemies hit by the spikes will be poisoned for a short period of time and slightly slowed as well.


Tar Trap – Slows down any and all enemies for as long as they are in the tar.

Sticky Tar Trap (8s) – Literally just slows enemies down even more.


Boom Barrel – Explodes when damaged, causing lots of pain to enemies caught in the area.

Super Boom Barrel (10s) – The blast radius is increased significantly.


Barricade – Place an obstacle to block and enemy’s path. These can be destroyed, and cannot be used to completely block a rift or enemies will attack them, where-as normally all enemies except for Kobold Sappers will simply see them as walls and find a new path.

Improved Barricade (12s) – Shaves 100 off the price to summon.


Spring Trap – Pick a direction and it will fling your enemies in that direction when walked on, but has a long reload time.

Dwarven Spring Trap (12s) – The spring traps are cheaper, just like the Barricades.


Steam Trap – A gust of steam comes out the floor knocking your enemies into the air. They go up, then they come back down. This one must reset.

Pressure Steam Trap (12s) – Again, shaves 100 off the price to summon.


Decoy – Looks oddly like you, so of course any enemies that will fight the warmage will fight the decoy as well (that means no kobolds or shaman). After taking a certain amount of damage, it explodes dealing massive damage around it.

Reinforced Decoy (10s) – The decoy can tank a bit more damage before exploding, making it even more useful as insurance.


Brimstone – Burns enemies, killing any regular orcs caught on fire by its hot coals, and doing damage over time. This trap must reset however after enough orcs have trampled it.

Sorcerous Brimstone (12s) – Simply burns enemies longer.


Spore Mushrooms – Converts the first enemy that steps on it. This one’s tricky, any enemy that steps on it, ANY enemy, will become an ally and defend that spot where the mushrooms are. Until that enemy dies, no other enemy can be converted by those mushrooms, and there’s a long reload period after that death.

Spicy Mushrooms (16s) – Charmed enemies are tougher to kill while they remain charmed.


Coinforge – Enemies that die on this drop more coins.

Spellbound Coinforge (18s) – Even MORE coins are generated by the coinforges. Money money money.



Wall Traps

Arrow Wall (8s) – Unloads a large amount of arrows into your enemies as they walk by, and must be reloaded after firing their salvo.

Extended Arrow Wall (8s) – Adds another square of range to their trigger and effective range.


Wall Blades – A set of axes that will make mince meat of your enemies, both on the ground and even flying enemies that are caught in it. Must be reloaded after use.

Steel Wall Blades (14s) – Tougher blades means more damage.


Push Trap – Lunges off the wall flinging enemies outward. Without being upgraded, it won’t affect ogres, however (and doesn’t fling them far even after).

Empowered Push Trap (10s) – The push trap applies a stun, so enemies that aren’t flung into death pits are stunned once they get up.


Grinder – Sucks in enemies that get to close; runs constantly until it jams. Any enemy caught in its effective range (right next to it) will take damage as long as it runs, and some enemies will literally be sucked inside of it. This trap also doesn’t affect large enemies much.

Self-Clean Grinder (16s) – The grinder grinds longer, and resets quicker after being jammed.



Ceiling Traps

Pounder – Smashes anything to the ground when triggered, doing massive damage to a single square, must be reset after use.

Crushing Pounder (14s) – Any enemies that survive the pounder are also stunned.


Swinging Mace – Hangs from the ceiling, mashing enemies in a 3 x 1 area for massive damage (does incredibly massive damage to anything that’s frozen as well). This one must reset after each use. Keep in mind it can be placed horizontally or vertically provided there’s enough space.

Clockwork Mace (16s) – No longer has to reset, but that doesn’t mean it attacks constantly, just much faster.


Autoballista – Automatically attacks enemies within range with a powerful piercing ballista javelin, but has a long reload time.

Sniper Autoballista (16s) – Increases the range, which can be very helpful if placed on high ceilings.




Archer Guardian – Fires at any enemies within his range, and usually prioritizes flying enemies or runners (like kobolds). Has limited health and can be killed, and there is also a guardian limit based on the level.

Archer Champion (14s) – Shaves 100 off the price for archers.


Paladin Guardian – Attacks enemies in hand-to-hand combat and has a shield which temporarily protects from ranged attacks. Has limited health and can be killed, and there is also a guardian limit based on the level.

Paladin Champion (14s) – Shaves 200 off the price for paladins.