Some more details have been distributed by Capcom about their upcoming prologue to Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.  In Case Zero you’ll play as Chuck Greene, a determined father and widowed husband.  Set two years after Dead Rising 1 and three years before Dead Rising 2, in a small desert town called Still Creek.  The major objective of the game will be to find a life prolonging drug, Zombrex, to keep his bitten daughter from zombifying.

Character attributes, prestige points, and combo cards(they show you how to combine weapons) earned in Case Zero will carry over to Dead Rising 2.  Also, you’ll be able to see things in CZ that will appear in DR2 like that epic chainsaw/paddle dual saber.  Darth Maul is awesome… I’m getting off topic… Anyway, this exclusive piece of DLC content will release sometime before September 28th.  The price is still a mystery.