Monday Night Combat is slowly taking off it’s mask, to scare us all!   BOO!!!! (click: Read More)

Uber Entertainment, developers of Monday Night Combat, have started a slow reveal of the content and material that will be released in their first FREE DLC for their game.

While the DLC doesn’t have a name though the boys over at Uber Entertainment as saying that within the next few days, they will be releasing Halloween eye candy,   new content from the DLC, juicy detials of what they are going to be releasing.

Just for today they released a list of the following balances they are going to make to the game.

Keep checking back to either Uber Entertainment’s website, or here at for all the latest on what Uber reveals about MNC!

Click here for the uber site.  Or just read below for the list of things they released today.

Balance Changes


  • Reduced damage done by the dagger to the Moneyball.
  • Increased the damage Assassins do after both dagger and sword lunge.
  • Normalized multipliers for both dagger and sword when doing damage from behind an enemy.
  • Reduced recovery time on Assassin’s alternate fire grapple on the Dagger, Sword and Shuriken Launcher.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Assassins to do too little damage from front facing, alternate fire, Shuriken face slap grapple.


  • Reduced the damage the Moneyball takes from a sniper rifle.
  • Reduced the skill drain rate of Sniper Traps.
  • Reduced the amount of juice gain from the sniper rifle damaging targets.


  • Reduced juice gain from healing with the Heal/Hurt Gun.
  • Increased skill recovery time of level 2 and 3 of the Support’s Air Strike.


  • Reduced minimum damage on Gunner’s minigun, making it less effective at long ranges.


  • Reduced the damage the Moneyball takes from the rail gun.

Other Balance Changes

  • Decreased effectiveness of Lazer Blazer Turrets vs players.
  • Increased effectiveness of RockIt Turrets vs bots.
  • Reduced cost of all levels of RockIt Turrets.
  • Greatly increased the cooldown time for Juice machines in Crossfire.

More to Come this Week

Bug Fixes and Gameplay Changes
Other Fixes and Changes
New Features and Additions
Wallpaper Contest Winners