Minecraft for Xbox

Minecraft, on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, will be receiving new content via a free update releasing this Wednesday. Players on both consoles will be receiving a new character to explore their worlds. Her name is Alex and and she brings along thinner arms and lovely red ponytail.  It’s very nice to see female players get a chance to play as someone that more closely resembles them than good ol’ Steve.

The Xbox 360 version will also be getting some added goodies this Wednesday. Ever since Minecraft launched on Xbox One, the Xbox 360 edition has had fewer achievement but that will no longer be an issue. As of Wednesday, 30 new achievements will be added to the game, which will bring the total number of gamerscore available to 1000. There will be be more of C148’s music added to the Xbox 360 edition, which is always a delight for the ears.