Joe Danger: Special Edition is a game of spills and thrills, and believe it or not there’s a method to Joe’s madness. There are many things to look out for in Joe Danger just as there are many ways to take advantage of the system and really dominate the leaderboards. Before the tips, however, here’s a list of all the awesome tricks that exist in the game:


Left side

  • Left bumper – No Hands
  • Left x2 – Superman
  • Left x3 – Special 1 (this is based on the costume being worn)

Right side

  • Right bumper – Crowd Wave
  • Right x2 – The Statue of Liberty
  • Right x3 – Special 2 (this is based on the costume being worn)


  • Left, right – Leg Hook
  • Left, right, right – Crazy Legs
  • Left, right, left – The Cowboy
  • Left, left, right – Handlebar Sit
  • Right, left – Hawk Dive
  • Right, left, left – Handstand
  • Right, left, right – Magnum
  • Right, right, left – Blue Steel


  • Scoring in Joe Danger is all about combos, so keeping the combo active for the whole level is always going to get the highest score.
  • Combo goes up by 1x everytime a trick is done successfully, that means doing a flip, a wheelie, or an actual trick.
  • Holding each trick button is the key to doing higher levels of tricks, however, held tricks can turn into later levels of held tricks. That means holding LB until the trick triggers before switching to the next trick means extra points and multiplier.
  • Double jumping is effective for extending airtime, but holding down X before jumping and then double jumping is even more effective.
  • For maximum airtime, use a bit of boost right off the jump while tilted backwards before going into back or front flips.
  • If the combo is low, it’s possible to switch from wheelie (tilted back on the ground) to endo (tilted forward on the ground) to get it up infinitely.
  • Covering pieces of track already tricked on won’t reward any combo or score. For instance, most spring jumps can only be used for maybe two bounces before they stop rewarding score, and driving backwards doesn’t reward wheelie points.
  • There’s a decent amount of time alotted to score more points before the combo dies, but if you’re in a bind, do a double jump and a backflip.
  • Landing perfects is great way to get score, but they’re difficult to time. The deeper the trick (two or three buttons in) the earlier you’ll have to let go and the more points it will be worth.
  • Landing on targets or switching lanes counts for points, though not that much, and if you’re going for score hitting targets won’t always be worth it.
  • Bypassing walls to keep air going by using boost is an awesome way to get huge air bonuses and stack tricks on tricks.

Star success

  • Different events have different stars, sometimes going all out with tricks or speed isn’t conducive to level success.
  • Races should be the easiest of easy events, just don’t go crazy with the tricks as wheelie-ing is sufficient for building boost.
  • During races, enemies in the same lane as Joe can be punched.
  • Avoid loop switches in races if at all possible as slow you down, and keep the jumps low.
  • Target events can be difficult because they’re not always aimed in compliance with your speed, so be ready to slow down in mid air to hit a target.
  • Sometimes doing a whole level just to nail its targets then going back for collectibles, DANGER, or other stars helps with success.
  • If you miss a target and aren’t concerned about time, back up, then do a boosted double jump to get the target to activate (even then this won’t always work)
  • Getting DANGER and getting other stars usually doesn’t happen on the first try no matter what the event, scout out each letter and take advantage of checkpoints to make sure you get it all.
  • After a few events, you’ll be used to keeping the combo going all level, but if not remember always be wheelie-ing on the ground unless there are lots of ground obstacles to watch for, and even on low, careful jumps where flipping can cause failure do basic tricks.
  • Coin events are the most muscle memory reliant and require a careful speed and jump height adherence, so don’t boost unless you’re sure it won’t mess up your jump.
  • Hitting the red coin at a high speed helps shave a couple seconds off the time.
  • The range for picking up coins is pretty generous, so don’t over compensate to pick up coins or it could cost you the star.
  • Puzzle events should be pretty straightforward, feel free to overindulge and make the level super easy.