We at XBLAFans were very excited when the Xbox Live Indie Games section got a bit of extra promotion with the Indie Games Winter Uprising late last year. While it wasn’t without it’s problems, delays among the biggest issues,  the event was apparently a “commercial and critical success”. As such it’s being brought back this Summer!

The Indie Games Summer Uprising will kick off on August 22nd and submissions are currently being accepted from Indie Game developers who wish to have their game considered. There is already an impressively large list of games in the running, you can view the current candidates here. Voting to decide which games make it will run from June 4th through to June 18th, with the plan currently being to release two games a week between August 22nd til September 12th.

We’re very excited to see this promotion coming back and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on its progress.

Source: Joystiq